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RE: 후오비 거래소에 곧 하이브가 상장 될 듯...

Hello Skuld.

To me you seem a smart person. Per my research you have implemented the 22.8888 software changes and convinced a group of people to run the malicious software, making them block user funds.

I would recommend you to focus on building positivity around Steem, maybe it can thrive from the ashes of this unfortunate ongoing event.

It will be a long way to build trust. Putting your post in the translation machine reads out all kinds of threads. Especially the closing remarks.

악의 근원을 완전히 잘라 버리기 위한 방안을 준비 중에 있으니 기대하셔도 좋을 겁니다.

Words like yours above should give exchanges a serious warning. My personal thoughts about this: If you try to fiddle more with the integrity of the Steem blockchain and its history will definitely get Steem delisted. Anyone would know this and has been stated by all the biggest exchanges. Just think about: Which professional (big) exchange in the world would consider a listing of a token which can easily change hands by people changing the balances and access of wallets. It is a business threat.

If you are still sour about people spamming here... (I don't know if thats still the case, I don't come here except to read your post - which got shared), you should not worry. Even at ATH usage of the Steem Blockchain around 20 tx / second, the capacity was only at 1%.

My best, sincere and honest suggestion to you would be to focus your development skills and talents, to build Steem or make a fork.

My warning remains: Change more on the CURRENT Steem blockchain and you will undoubtedly see the Steem coin delisted. The media pressure will make it inevitable to do so. Exchanges can't afford any more missteps after the SF 22.5 Centralised Take Over.


Note: the above post is my PERSONAL opinion.
I wish you a lot of wisdom and success in building Steem instead of destroying it.