Our new lego diorama ... Photos with our favorite lego minifigures

We know that some of you are not believing anymore in true magic of the Jedis :)

We know that nowadays, this kind of things are not existing anymore ... or maybe just for some ...


Today, while we've #created one of our very first #diorama for our #lego #starwars episodes, we've seen our fellow Jedi Yoda in a sacred moment of true usage of the Force, and, he simply levitated an ancient stone ...

Everything started at the gates of the entrance within the Tatooine desert ...


Everything was so easy ... Maybe nowadays, so many people would like to understand the sacred usage of the Source of The Force ...

Some skeptics would ask how he did it ... and we'll promise you that soon, you'll see that actually that stone was truly levitating ...

Soon will be seen in a #video ...

We just need to finish the #soundtrack for it.


It will be an episode dedicated as well to the well known, Tusken Raiders, the sand people.

The well known, nomadic race who live on the planet Tatooine.


What can be better, then a picture with a #diorama that involves, as well a cosmic background, that we the jedis, have painted:)

We've realized that the imagination has no limits, therefore, lego with dioramas, created from foam, clay and paintings as well as background, can offer the best spectrums ... even better than some other futuristic options ...

Maybe, these offers you the magic moment, because everything has been created by our own hands and imagination ... just the lego elements are something added as an extra piece of magic.

We were very happy how everything came out after our time spent to put together this diorama.


Hope you'll enjoy our photos for the moment ...

Even the Mandalorian appeared in this episode ...

As we've mentioned, the video will appear soon ...

Actually there will be more videos with some series of lego movies with our dioramas.

Chewbacca was an important element, along with Jedi Yoda and Tusken Raiders ...


Grogu and the Mandalorian, along with Chewbacca and Jedi Yoda were looking awesome within this Matrix of Tatooine desert.

May the Force be with us.


Meawnhile, enjoy some of our videos:


#myarttribe @coin-doubler

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