🏊‍♂️ I Finally Dove Into Cub DeFi 🦁 It's Never To Late To Earn Your First CUB 📉


After much procrastination and a huge learning curve, I've finally used some liquid LEO to fund my first investment on CubDeFi and earn my first CUB token.


First Things First, Getting Some BNB

the crypto that powers the Binance ecosystem

     I am still awaiting KYC approval for the new Binance.US site after getting the boot from Binance.com, and I intended to jump into Cub DeFi with some fiat I'd use to purchase BNB. Well, I got tired of waiting, so I researched various ways I could get my hands on some BNB without the use of the Binance.us site.


     It may not be the cheapest way to get my hands on BNB, but SimpleSwap.io offers a direct crypto to BNB exchange with an option to receive the funds at a BSC address, so I sentused some to convert to BNB within a few minutes and with just a few clicks.



he gateway between LEO and BSC

     Moving liquid LEO over to Cub DeFi is super simple and done with just a few clicks via the BEP20 LEO site. Simply punch in your BSC address, have your liquid LEO ready, and verify it all with your private keys.


     For this experiment I converted nearly 1,200 LEO in bLEO. I now had both BNB and bLEO in my BSC wallet, so things were just about to get cooking.


Cub DeFi

Cub Finance on the Binance Smart Chain


     I have faith in the LEO token, and even though the BLEO-BNB pool isn't the top performer on Cub DeFi at the moment, I am reluctant to let my LEO go, so I targeted this pool. I had much more LEO than BNB, so I made a quick exchange to bring the two balances closer together, making sure to leave some BNB for future gas fees.


     In the end I provided 775.889 bLEO and 0.575922420029555826 WBNB as liquidity. This is simple and just takes a few clicks. You can easily to choose to max out one token to use your full balance.


     After adding liquidity, I still wasn't done yet, I had to approve the contract and start farming, so I headed over to farms and few clicks later I was already earning CUB.


     All in all, I was in for about $400 USD on this first experiment. It was quite fun watching the numbers roll over in real time. I earned my first CUB, and within 24 hours I earned around 2.5 CUB, a value of around $2.25 USD, not bad at all for a $400 investment.

     I haven't harvested any CUB yet, but will probably do so every time I've accumulate at least 5 CUB, of which I intend to use in the CUB-BUSD pool. Hopefully by the time I get KYC approval and can easily buy BUSD with fiat, I'll also have enough CUB to make a significant investment.

     It's never too late to start something new, and I'm glad I waited until having a clearer understanding of how to use my MetaMask wallet and perform Binance transactions before deciding to play with the big bucks, well big for me at least.

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