Steem Dollars are Pumping like Crazy


As you can see in the picture above Steem dollars are over 10$ and they even managed to get to 16$. I don't know how that happened as it is supposed to be pegged to 1 dollar but the certain thing is that some people already made will keep on making a lot of money out of this.

What i want is for people that want to earn a little extra something from cryptos to manage to do so in this pump as well. Even though i am somewhere in-between trying to earn a little something that will make my life easier there are people that use cryptos to pay for their everyday food.

Sharing is caring they say so i really hope to see with this pump some people earn a decent amount out of this and change their lives. I hope all these whales out there to support authors like that in times like this one that even 10$ can help someone out.

By the way with 13$ that is the price in the picture i can i buy food enough for 4 people or an appetite in an expensive restaurant :P What can you buy for 13$ in your countries?

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