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This man has given to the world so many moments, he is the man who filled our lives with excitment and illusion. We have been hearing his name almost two decades ago now. People forget so quick. It's not too much asking for minimum respect for the greatest scorer in the history of the game, for the man who has gifted football the most iconic moments. You were there, when we cheered together for him, you said "wow" after his remontadas and hattricks, you were there when he treated Uefa Champions League as a Sunday League. Those numbers are real, those numbers are unreal at some times.

Respect Cristiano Ronaldo because one day you will only be watching him on Youtube. This man is not only the greatest of the game, but he is also one of the most inspiring figures of all times, with no doubt. His name goes beyond the game. It's unfortunate that no one can escape from getting older and it's inevitable age has caught up with him. "I know I can not do the things I used to do, I know I'm not young anymore" he said in a few months ago. This hits hard. I'm not trying to write an essay, words are just coming out of my mind, out of my memories and out of acknowledgement. I'm saying this one last time.Respect Cristiano Ronaldo, respect the talent, respect football.


it’s better to age gracefully than to try and hold on to youth in desperation.

That is a fact

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