⚽ Fantalive Serie A - Final Results and Overall Winners 🏆

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As AC Milan held their nerve on the final day to life the Serie A trophy, it's time to share what happened in a dramatic final day in Steemit's Fantalive Serie A leagues.


Gameweek 38 Results and Prize Winner

It was an impressive final Gameweek for @rubilu123 who's faith in Olivier Giroud proved decisive - a score of 92 points with the following team:


Congratulations @rubilu123, a 20 STEEM delegation is now with you 🏆


Overall Ranking and League Champion 🎉


It was a close final Gameweek and @arahman did just enough to maintain his position at the top of the league, winning by 6 points. @jimah1k came close as both players played their Double Captain chip which didn't quite pay off. As mentioned in my last update, @the-gorilla completes the podium in 3rd place.

Congratulations to you all.

1st 🏆 - @arahman
2nd🥉 - @jimah1k
3rd🥈 - @the-gorilla

Additional delegations of 50 STEEM to @arahman and 30 STEEM to @jimah1k have now been updated.


Head-to-Head Ranking and League Champion 🎉

On the final day of the head-to-head league, @the-gorilla knew that a win against @titopx would secure him the title. @titopx was on hand to ruin the party and comfortably won 76-61 which meant that if @arahman could beat Richgang, the title would be his.

Fortunately for @arahman, Richgang has been long gone - many of his players not even in Serie A any more. @arahman was able to cruise to a comfortable 70-46 win to lift the trophy of a hard fought head-to-head league.

This means that @the-gorilla will console himself with 2nd place.

Similar to @the-gorilla, @abu78's fate was in his own hands but going into the matchday on -28 having made so many substitutions was never going to end well. @chenty beating him 54-6. Once again, this meant that a victory for @jcarlu.iae would see a tie for 3rd place and the position (and prize) in the hall of fame shared. @jcarlu.iae duly obliged and 3rd place ends shared.

1st 🏆 - @arahman
2nd🥉 - @the-gorilla
3rd🥈 - @abu78 & @jcarlu.iae

Additional delegations of 50 STEEM to @arahman, and 10 STEEM to each of @abu78 and @jcarlu.iae have now been shared 🏆



A big thank you to everybody who took part in what proved to be a very close and exciting contest. I very much hope you'll join again for more fun next season.


This is a sub-profile of @the-gorilla

 last month 

I very much hope you'll join again for more fun next season.

I will definitely take part :-)

 last month 

Felicitaciones al ganador del Fantalive Serie A @arahman

Thank you 🙏🏾

 last month 

Espero que la próxima temporada me vaya mejor que está, no estuve tan atento y esa fue mi perdición.

Felicidades a arahman por esa victoria! 🥳

 last month 

I found this league very tough - the hardest of them all. Hopefully our experiences this season will help us to do better next year 🙂

 last month 

yo pense que la Bundesliga seria la mas ruda, me parece bien dificil cuando conozco solo el 12% de jugadores que no sean ni de Dortmund ni B. Munich por eso no ingrese.

Tampoco entre en la liga de Escosia porque era nulo mi conocimiento, espero claramente la española e italiana nuevamente y cualquier otra ue venga jajaja

 27 days ago 

We'll definitely have the World Cup next season too so I hope that you know about world football 🙂

I learnt a lot about the Bundesliga this season (and Serie A and La Liga really) so they should be great contests again next season. The Scottish game was rubbish 🤣

 27 days ago 

Conozco mucho sobre Conmebol y Europa, poco de Concacaf y África, creo que con eso basta y sobra para dar una buena actuación en el mundial jajaja. Estoy Listo!

The Scottish game was rubbish 🤣

sinceramente no me sorprende, no he escuchado a nadie decir "Estoy ansioso por ver el Celtic Vs Rangers"

 22 days ago 

Ha ha. Celtic v. Rangers is normally a great match - one of football's greatest rivalries. You'll never hear anybody say "I can't wait to see Ross County vs. St Johnstone" 😂

The World Cup game should be fun - another great test of world football. I can't remember who said it but I've been told not to underestimate Qatar!

It was really a tough contest heading to the final game weeks. I am glad I can call myself the king 🤴 of the FantaliveserieA 😅. Looking forward to next season’s contest

 27 days ago 

Me too - We will make it difficult for you to retain the crown 👍

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