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RE: 2020: The Year Of The DAO

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AI can be good, but cannot replace the real human interaction, which is nowadays rare on the Steem blockchain. This post is a perfect example.
It currently has 291 upvotes, $20.64 pending payout, but 0 comment.
This comment of mine is the first comment under this post.


You are right the interaction on Steem is lagging. I do believe that communities will do a great bit to replace that.

As for AI, I will state that it depends upon the task at hand. AI is fabulous at those repetitive tasks which do not require a lot of creativity. For now AI is lagging in that area although it could change soon.

I dont have a link but Microsoft created an AI program that is designed to leave comments on social media. It reads the post and then formulates a pertinent reply.

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