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Good morning/evening Admin,
I am a total stranger to this community and could tell that I do not understand certain things about the community andd how it works. I have of recent (about three hours ago) before this post been queried by some of the newbabies of steem whom I brought into the platform. I have tried on serveral occasions to ignore or avoid the questions in the past when I was asked by other set of newbies.


1.As a new user here, how can I upload my video content here?
2.Do I need to upload to youtube first?
3.Are pictures content also accepted here?
4.Considering the huge mb that video content has, is there a gurantee that my video post would be curated so as to encourage me me make more?
5.Please is there any specification as to the size of the video I could upload here?

Please if it would be possible to create a post to this effect or refer me to already existing one that could attend to questions raised in this post, I'd really appreciate.

Thank you in anticipation.
Yours truly