Cleanplanet 🌍🌍🌍 18 February 2020

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Many fruitful trees do not produce fruit. Although much less than needed. This is mainly because the fertility of the soil is reduced. The tree cannot collect enough food from the soil. There are many reasons for soil fertility loss. I'm noticing a reason. How unconscious of people. They take home used polythene, plus it at the base of the tree. Polyethylene and plastic are not wasted even after 100-200 years on the ground. So it makes the soil fertile. Because of this, the tree cannot receive food from the soil. So the tree does not bear fruit, the tree is not fat. So please do not leave polythene or plastic at the base of the tree. The request was made to everyone.

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Outstanding work bro, carry on.

Thank you

Good writting bro,I'm agree with you.

Thank you

গুড জব ভাই, কাজ প্রতিদিন চালিয়ে যান।

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Vae apnader kaj onek valo lage amar, koren valo kora kaj.

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Excellent work. a dedication of gratefulness is all together for share.

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Brother apner writing osam.

Thank you

Nice job These are our duties. It is our duty to keep our environment clean and clean from the dirt.

Thank you