Cleanplanet 🌍🌍🌍 8 February 2020

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My father worked in Bangladesh Railway. So we live in government housing with family. Some of the houses in our area are very old. That is why the government is taking initiatives to demolish homes and rebuild them. The pieces of brick that were found when the houses were demolished. They are stacked together. And inside that stupa were many plastic pieces. Today I found out so. And throw it in the dustbin.

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Much a duty of gratefulness is all together for your remarkable mix cleaning up that dirtying decline.

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Great work @toufiq777

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Great work. a dedication of gratefulness is all together for share.

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It's always good if you always do this kind of great video-making program.Your videos motivate me and the kind of work you do in Bangladesh is cleansing, the whole world is clear if everyone does such a thing then we probably wouldn't be dirty here.
Thanks @toufiq777

Thank you

Saradin ae kaj korlae valo hobe din a 10 ta post

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আমার এই কাজটি করতে ইচ্ছে করে কিন্তু সময় নেই।

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Good job bro..saleia jan