My Life Part 2

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I talk about my life leading up to making my Quora channel and Youtube channel.

This is a video I got a special request to upload since it stopped working on Dtube, so I'm reuploading on 3Speak:

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Grabbed my coffee and watched it 2 times. back to back. Still can't believe that a little while before the bull run and while making that vlog all you had was 1500$.

Really glad for ya man. You've been through a lot but you've been that you can reward others. The circle of life...

Many people suffer, in various ways...I can tell from my personal experience...

Not everyone tho is as persistent as you were/are...nor "lucky"

You managed to squeeze in 30 mins the story of a lifetime. I am sure that there are so much more...but hey...we ain't going anywhere :P we have plenty of time :)

I’ve commented about this a few times already, but everytime you talk about mindset and life it is as if I hear myself thinking.

You put truths lying in the back of my mind into words.

Went back to watch your old youtube videos, right from the beginning. It’s a goldmine.

Congrats @theycallmedan for going all in right before the 2017 bull run 🙂

  • I'm not a professional psychic but I highly suspect a massive run but ROUND #2 is right around the corner, or at least, near on the horizon.

I actually don't watch that much content but I thoroughly enjoy yours.

This is pretty amazing Dan. I went back and listened to part 1 also. The more I learn about you, the more impressed I am. Steem is sure lucky to have you.

Inspirational and motivational as usual. Looking forward to seeing the Part-3.

Thats great advice man, swing for the fences every time... never hold back. YOLO!!

@theycallmedan, Definitely this post is perfect post for consuming Empowering Words. You've expressed with ease how simplified the life is, and people makes it complex by fearing about every simple thing.

Great to know about your Content Writing Journey brother, it's not about how good we are in particular Craft at the end of the day it's all about how much passionate we are towards something and how much efforts we are putting to Manifest it.

And one thing is for sure and that is at the end of the day we will not going to take anything with us, so we should enjoy the Now Moment and we have to take action in Now Moment without any fear.

Keep coming up with Motivating pieces brother. Stay blessed always.

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Being real. That is STEEM to me. Not posting what you think others think you should post, but just being yourself.

Chasing Whales, following the latest trend, fighting to remain relevant? Yeah, that is Old Sarge in a nutshell. An attention hog. Then again this is an attention economy.

My agenda? Don't know? Maybe go to STEEMWORLD.ORG and check out @sgt-dan (the other Dan, though I prefer Daniel). Then you will know.

Thank you for opening up and sharing yourself with us. Wishing you blessings and groovy vibes.

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Wow, I'm just listening to Part 1 you have an interesting story to tell. I'm eager to get over here for Part 2!

Play Soldier Jump

That is really really great model life in Steem, forward ever and backward never. I have learnt something indeed.

What a life... I'm inspired😊. Really.

Thanks for sharing with us. I really appreciate this

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Interesting as always @theycallmedan. Any ideas how we can get steem on more exchanges?

I posted this trying to drum up some ideas...

I'd love to brainstorm on this a bit or even put together an SPS proposal to help take care of exchange listing fees.

Love to hear your thoughts.

I am working with a few exchanges atm. Going to make a SPS for one soon. I agree right now getting in exchanges is crucial. The cost of getting on an exchange now compared to a full bull market is 10x cheaper now. We need to act quickly.

Agreed. Anything I can do to help?

Not sure if you saw in the post or not but I mentioned contacting each exchange via email or application and requesting they add steem... it may not amount to much, but it might...

I found messaging them anyway you can. A trick is to find people who work for exchanges, get their LinkedIn and try to convince them there. You can tell them you have access to a large amount of Steem Power to run contest for their exchange.

Yes, I am finding out very quickly that they really want to deal with lead developers or directors of the project.

I am hoping to drum up some support with Steemit,Inc for this...

Nice. Resteemed for awareness.


Good to hear your story @theycallmedan, we all have a journey of discovering our true potentials, and steemit has brought the best out of many of us.

In pain every day, I know that feeling, working on losing some weight right now. It is not an easy task!

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