5 Strange Things about the London Bridge Knife Attack 2019

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Recently there was a knife attack on the London Bridge. I go into some of these here.

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i have been to this spot like 5-6 minutes before the attack. later police came and evacuated everyone from close objects - myself too.

Interesting, thanks for the info. Good hearing from someone close to there. Yeah, I heard about the evacs as well - i guess maybe they expected more things to go down maybe i don't know.

I worked in that area for over a year (a long time ago) and crossed that bridge many times. I highly doubt that the video of the guy getting up is legit.. It's odd that the video exists - I agree.. However, if this guy had gotten up there would have been many people who would have seen it imo.

There aren't really any prisons in that area and I would not have thought that any kind of prison rehab group would operate near London Bridge as it is a prime property site for business.

Yeah, I agree alright. That video after I was watching it again today, just does not seem like the same man - the way his body is laid out, and the fact it looks like that is a blanket! Great work with he Epstein vids by the way!

Thanks! I'm glad you are a critical thinker - we need more of that! ;)

According to my mind, its clearly visible from your explanation that two clips are different. Not identical. So its fabrication. I must say.

As always too many coincidences as per usual, there is no such thing as that many coincides 💯🐒

Thanks for the post.