China arrest and questions man for telling joke online

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Recently a video was posted online in regarding a man who was arrested for telling on joke in China. The man was questioned regarding the fact he commented underneath a picture of a police man confiscating a bicycle. The video was most likely published by China itself who are not shy to publicizing behaviour they think is wrong-think.

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What horror to live under such government as possesses such chairs, and claims the power to enslave you should you make jokes it arbitrarily considers crimes. I am glad you point out this horror is coming to the West, and provide examples to prove your claim. We should not be afraid of it. We should be terrified.

Also, you mentioned the cameras again, and that they had failed. I reckon this has been proved to not be true, although the claim was certainly repeated. USAG Barr has recently claimed he viewed the video and was able to ascertain that no one was able to get to Epstein to murder him. Were the cameras not able to provide that evidence, he would have to be lying.

Either Barr is lying about viewing the video, or the parties claiming the cameras did not work are lying. They're lying to us either way, and that's a pretty strong evidence of guilt, in court, as well as common parlance.


yeah, you are right about the cameras - I don't know if the cameras will come to light or not. But it amazes me how they can show cameras of El Chapo, but they never could show one piece of footage of Epstein. Plus, even if Bar reviewed the footage, if it goes so high up - then how would anyone know when the footage was taken. Yeah, I agree, they are all liars - so right now its really who is lying the best out of all of them.

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This is s cary beyond words, don't think this is a one off merely a first. This is coming to a town near you be aware. #5g will bring this to you 💯🐒

They are crazy for sure. The blocked there even youtube and google. The have their own video platforms, their messangers and they are too rasist. I had a friend livinv in China, thanks god he moved to UK now.

As there is no freedom of expression these things happen by the government. Today I saw was a video of a man recording some police because they do not use the seat belt and force citizens to use it, when they are the ones who have to set the example, then the man who recorded them told them, because no you are fined, I look for another policeman and then he got into trouble, and they wanted to stop him and the mr ran to a store, and the policeman did not enter, until he enraged him and took him away, it was not known what else happened Because the video was cut there.

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