Why you can’t trust the numbers of Coronavirus infected coming out of China

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Recently the Chinese NHC has decided to change their definition of “Wuhan Coronavirus “confirmed cases” in their latest guidelines by changing those people “confirmed with Coronavirus” without symptoms to “no longer being confirmed” cases. This shows once again how you cannot trust any numbers coming out of China. Links as mentioned in video: https://protectsuzie.com/ and https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr4uvt


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Yeah some really troubling figures..


How's this for some information. I'll throw it to you before I write it up and post...

Yeah, i seen that a week ago on the chans, not that picture though from windy.com but something else. I have been looking into it, will probably do a video in a few days, just so much news coming out at the moment. But yeah, i have no doubt they are burning bodies :-/

Before lockdown, 5 million already left the Wuhan, that’s what scares me :(