Steemfest 4 Bangkok, Thailand Official video

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The waiting has an end.
We had a great time at the steemfest in Bangkok.
The official Steemfest video is ready.
Hope you guys like it!
Write me in the comments below who you saw in this video.
Huge thanks to @mynewlife
The project is edited and directed by @mynewlife and me.

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It's great to watch the final edition of the official video! You guys did a great job! If you have any plans of promoting this on social media let us know so we can help spread it :)

Thanks for the reminder! Liked and retweeted! :)

Awesome video for an awesome event! =)

Amazing video! Thank you! (and now it's time for me to put my crappy one together) ;)

Hello Esko....Amazing piece of work!! Superb!
Even though I am new on Steemit but Nice to be a part of the Steemit having come across inspiring people from diverse culture with skills and talents.

Very cool feeling major Post FOMO right now

Next time 🙌🏼

I will make it one year xx

and I look forward to hanging out with you xxx

Thanks for the post.

Wow! It looks so beautiful. You guys are awesome.

tank you 🙏🏼

Outstanding.....💝💞 this is really great job thanks for update @thehipsterguru

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thank you. Really appreciated.

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