Coinrepublic Spreading Big Time FUD About Steem

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I had to double check the date on the article to make sure it was correct. Here is an article that talks about Steemit Inc CEO Ned Scott cashing out 50% of his long-term holdings in STEEM.

Sure enough, it is dated January 20, 2020, meaning that it was a current post. What is absurd is that it even talks about the price of STEEM being $1,50.

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Yeah @cardboard. It is great to see the pick up in gaming applications. That is a big use case for Blockchain.

Hopefully gaming will take off in 2020.

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This is a new link that was put up some hours ago.

There are really garbage articles as you said and I believe it now after reading this article. Upvoted!

seems to be working now, also is it confirmed the steem that was moved was dumped? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I am not sure @doitvoluntarily.

Personally I think the STEEM was just moved to prevent the threat of the fork, although it might have been sold.

Perhaps others will be able to answer the question more accurately.

IRC, Ned explained that he wanted to move his funds over to anonymous accounts that couldn't be forked out.

Nothing like trying to keep a story alive @jrcornel.

Maybe someone told them their story posted today was over a year old.

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Haters are always there but they can't do anything until we allow them to take control over us. We all know the truth really well.

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