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This video explains how i was the first to trade the big move up last night!!

Since i made this i am reading that Tron is planning on replacing the Steem token with a Tron version of the steem token. I think if they try to do this, there will be a hard fork. Lets wait to hear more tomorrow in the live stream between ned and Justin.

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Thanks for that. For now I'm happy hodling the Steem I earned from videos and posts!

Starkerz has the second largest delegation after dtube, from steemit inc., 2 million steem.
This was to onboard youtubers, in reality the 3 largest youtubers he "onboarded" were scams, stolen content, indusdotnews, mindchop, theultimatefood.
In other words: Matt is just worried about losing his delegation.
Matt, dont be nervous, justin bought stinc to get a hold of the massive amount of shitposters here, and who better than you to help him with that?
you will be just fine lad.

I'm no trader, I'm just glad I bought a load when it was nearer 10-15 cents a while back!

Wouldn't it make more sense to speculate on TRX?

I honestly cant say. there is a lot of uncertainty about this token replacement. i think a fork will follow, if they try to force this. But it shows that Steem is not Steemit and you have to get the witnesses on side first. you cant just 'buy' steem. and that is what a blockchain is for! Either way, it shows there is interest and value in steem

The one certainty is uncertainty.

I'm gonna just try not to think about it.

Hope you hit yr targets! And good on your mum!

(My dad doesn't even have an internet connection, so the chances of having a conversation with him about micro trading altcouns are fairly remote!)

they can use steemit stake and fork it in the retarded unfamous way

Thanks Matt. It seems yours is the only positive post on the current situation so far. haha.
The announcements are unclear (in typical fashion), so most people don't really know what the outcome will be. Witnesses seem to be concluding at this point that they will get the boot completely. There are so many possibilities I think we need to just wait to hear more info.

Na, its all knee jerk. they are over reacting for now. we will have more info after live stream, after this, if it turns out to be a hostile take over, i think justin sun has no leverage over the steem community. steem will stay steem, be it steem classic, or steem. it certainly wont be gobbled up by tron. its all good news i think therefore. @taskmaster4450 has the most level headed analysis below. I cant wait to have a true defense of a blockchain. after all, isnt this what it was all set up for? :

I think maybe the feeling is a bit like working for a company who tells you that they have been bought out and hasn't guaranteed your job - people tend to feel uncomfortable and sold out. I don't really see the situation as definitely good or bad, it's just an interesting turn of events that could turn out to be awesome or catastrophic.. Just another day in crypto land :)

I don’t see how any of this has a down side. I certainly don’t see how we can have lost our job. We must follow consensus. It’s a blockchain. That is basically the crux of it. I trust that consensus will prevail and h the steem community will get what IT wants most

I think the concerns centre around the potential for a conflict of interests and visions between the steem community and the tron 'owners' of the steem development team. I agree that the community has the power to carry on with 'steem classic' etc. - however, to achieve that will require a lot of co-ordination or investment from another entity in order to put together a specialist development team.. Which so far hasn't happened. I guess the best outcome is that Tron invests in Steem and it's DApps, as you said. I need to research Tron some more - I'd like to know more about why they haven't succeeded in inspiring engagement on their own platform and so are motivated to buy Steem. There's always a lot of hype around these kinds of situations, which we can see by the press referencing 1 million accounts on Steem - even though there are only really about 50k active users or so.
I literally just finished writing the first page of SEO friendly text for a new digital marketing agency I am launching and mentioned Steem a few times.. Maybe I need to edit it to Steem Tron?

hehe! watch out for fast moving steem trons.

btw, the only reason to make steem classic is if we want to fork out justins stake / steemit inc stake.

otherwsise, it remains as it is, probably steempeak becomes the new front end of choice and steemit operates on tron separately. at which time we all get a LOAD of steemtron tokens. win win i think. very litle chance of down side here in my opinion

yes, i understand the motive for steem classic - it's basically the same motive that ultimately sparked that 'scare' a few months ago when people actually created a hardfork to remove steemit inc from the steem blockchain.
i think a huge part of the strength of steem comes from it's community and the embracing of the freedom / anarchic principles that started it. success really depends on tron's team understanding/respecting this or spelling out how they intend to improve on it. if steemit goes to tron, then there will not be any steem blockchain developers to improve the steem blockchain - assuming that steemit is focused on working with whatever is based on the tron/steem tokens (which the press release seems to be saying is indeed what will happen). So in other words, without a new development team springing up from somewhere, steempeak would just be running on the current state of the steem blockchain, without prospect of upgrade. Obviously this is all speculation, but I imagine Tron will want to consolidate as much activity and ingenuity as possible.. It's up to them to make an intelligent offer to the existing steem community. I imagine people are nervous because such an empathic level of connection with a large community is not easy and the level of communication so far does not suggest it is going to manifest! We shall see.

Also. But as much steem as u can so u can also get these tron tokens (probably to sell)

Hahaha - loved seeing you smile THAT broadly while talking about your trading <3 Love it. Thanks for sharing a smile on our chain today :-)

Fake news. Your mum sparked the move!

I Should have led with this in the video ;)

I had to wait 9 minutes 40 for the truth! :D

Still waiting and hoping tomorrow comes right faster. All ears!

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all they should first of all do is to give us alot of useful information concerning the partnership so we can know what is going on....

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Very happy to have found you.
I have been watching the spikes and dips. Not knowing any better was thinking that someone was pumping the price.

from various opinions i have read concerning this news of justin sun buying steemit,many people are afraid that a new hard fork will occur and it might not favour those who were early adopters on the steem blockchain....

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a new hard fork might not really hurt us,it depends on what the hard fork contains...

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@starkerz first of all let me say you are doing an awesome job...secondly i want to ask you,with justin sun buying steemit,does it mean steem tokens will be swapped to tron??

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We don’t know 100% yet. Waiting for live steam later today

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