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Well said, when the going get’s tough... And it’s terrible what happened with the Tornadoes. We need more good supportive folk like you @sgt-dan !COFFEEA

I couldn’t be most with your words!
My best wishes and vibes for all the Tennesseans but specially our friend @enginewitty and family 🤗❤️
Hugs to you too @sgt-dan 🤗❤️

Thanks brother, appreciate it😎

Thank you for your kind words. You, sir, have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met on STEEM. I wish you a great week my good friend.

Another great post @sgt-dan... appreciate the video, and attention to what really matters. Also... positive energy and love your way @enginewitty... I've sent you a DM on Discord... !tip

Thank you, as always, my dear friend. You always have my prayers and good wishes. Hoping this week is a wonderful one for you and your loved ones.

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Thanks Sarge, been a trying time to say the least.

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That's sad to hear about the tornado. My heart goes out to them.
And yeah, things sure have been pretty crazy in regard to steem/steemit... This is the most worried I've been since I got here years ago. I'm trying to just sort of wait and see what happens before I decide what to do, and at this point... I don't feel like powering down or anything like that as I think some sort of agreement may be able to be reached. However, it seems pretty volatile and who knows what is going to happen.... It's been a lot of fun and mind expanding for me either way. I'll be grateful even if I don't make any money. Though, some money would be nice too! :D

Shit comment...

That account is new @drakernoise. They probably do not know any better. Give them time. They will learn if we teach them, brother. I gave their comment a .001 STU upvote for making an effort.

I don't feel like my usual hateful self today.

Thank you. Could you tell me why it is a good post?

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