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I honestly felt like we (my family) overreacted by self-isolating early on (about 2 weeks ago). My wife is pregnant and I'm worried about her since other coronavirus strains are known to target pregnant women. The thing that's upsetting is that it still seems like most people aren't worried about this at all and are probably spreading the virus as we speak. There aren't enough tests to go around here in my state and officials just simply aren't attempting to track cases as diligently as I think they should be. I'm nearly certain that many cases have already slipped past them and that we maybe have hundreds or thousands in my county alone. Nobody was contacted at the hotel that a man from out of town stayed at who later tested positive, and he was symptomatic. They've done the same with another case because the person was asymptomatic when they were out in public. In a third early case a man came back from Italy, was symptomatic before he left there, went to a restaurant and was out and about in public for about a week before they found out he had it. Then they only tested his wife. They seem to have no idea how contagious this disease is, or they just want to seem like they're doing something even though they know they can't. Unbelievable how poorly this is being managed here. I don't feel like we overreacted now, and I'm sure many people will wish they had in a week or so.


Here in new Zealand, its being reported - that the same thing happened, in regards to someone infected going to a public place - that person was from Australia, who had flu symptoms - he was tested in Australia, then got on a plane flew to new Zealand before his tests came back for Covid19 - now reports are saying he visited a public cafe in Wellington. It is really the fact you cannot trust a certain percentage of people - the government did not even close the cafe, it was the owners of the cafe who decided to close it - because the government here said it was a low chance he infected people. The way this is handled, really does show the complete failure of true action to track and trace at least in my opinion. Regarding people not taking it seriously - I 400% agree with that. People still held a major music festival in new Zealand a few days ago - thousands of people went, without a care, as to if they could get infected or even infected others - not a care in the world - and in the united states which I have been tracking, we all know how spring break went and St Patrick's day etc.,

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