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RE: Intercontinental Wars Part 3 The Open Confrontation - Part 1 of 2 of the Episode

in Threespeak3 years ago

@arabisouri, even as I write this, know that I am in your debt for making these available to us. Most of the News here in the U.S. is bought and paid for by the war machines that are the foundation for these conflicts.
Our (the U.S. of A.) own airfarce is planning "training sorties" over Southern New Mexico which will cost several Billion dollars, not to mention the contamination that will be the result of their dropping billions of pieces of "Chaff" in the desert. It is beginning to look as though our military is getting tired of destoying other Countries so now they turn their gaze inward.
Never stop my friend, but be careful,, Mitch


You can help by sharing the info and especially from the site where I published the full documentary. I couldn't post it in full here because the second part includes some graphic footage.

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