Brexit - Good or Bad for Crypto Investors in the UK?

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Mark Bailey asks "Do you think Brexit will benefit crypto/blockchain adoption by UK firms? Have you come across positive/negative reactions to it from those in the industry?"

Here's my response!

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Hopefully Britain will become more crypto friendly after brexit although I think it’s far to big now for any one government to stop. Thanks mike

Yes, a great opportunity that should be seized!

Brexit is a fascinating occurence. Cryptocurrency will pump of there is any global disruption as it is a new safe haven asset class.

I think Brexit will be good for UK crypto investors, but only time will tell.

When has any government been intelligent?

Not recently at all in the UK, that's for sure!

Hello @louisthomas, we should all benefit, Thank you for sharing this video.
Hola @louisthomas, todos deberíamos salir beneficiados, Gracias por compartir este video.

Thanks for your point of view, it helps to clarify doubts, happy day @louisthomas...

It might be good for the UK, but for crypto as a whole it won't make a big difference.

Posiblemente los gobiernos se adapten a este cambio también solo habrá que esperar que ellos consigan beneficios y lo harán…

Possibly the governments will adapt to this change as well. We will only have to wait for them to make a profit and they will do it...

Thanks for this post.

I think the GBP will going down after brexit. So defenetly that will be not good for crypto investors. But who knows😀
Also i just guess that many people will look for crypto investment since there will be more difficult to set a business in EU for them.
We will see😀

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Hola @louisthomas, es difícil predecir algo así ya que hay hasta ballenas que actúan como si no les pareciera que esto crezca…

Hola @louisthomas, pienso que si tiene beneficios esta adopción solo que cada uno (personal, empresa, gobierno) debe encontrar la forma más idónea de implementación.

Hello @louisthomas, I think that if there are benefits to this adoption only that everyone (personal, business, government) must find the most suitable way of implementation.

Good video