🧠 UPDATE: Crypto Investing Strategy - December 2019

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Another month, another update on my cryptocurrency investing strategy. Enjoy!

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Always great reporting louisthomas!

I'm in the middle ground right now for the month of December... CME 2nd year anniversary is around the corner lol... that scared me lol

Good one @louisthomas HODL!

Thank you so much

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buena investigacion

Thanks very much @louisthomas, that is really an investment strategy to go with Crypto.

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I do wish to invest into crypto. But I lack capital.

Thanks for the post.

Thanks for this strategy.

Do you diversify in other assets or are you all in on crypto?

Here's what I think, you're usually always a few K off, so big dip coming! A lot of people already got in at 2K 4K 5K,etc, made some money and or are sitting on profits! The sentiment is not all that bad, I haven't felt a thing, but happiness in my Bitcoin! For real!! G! I say we see 5-6K, maybe even 2-4 ? again!! we haven't seen that flush out candle and I haven't felt the pain like last year!

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