Five Predictions for Crypto in 2020

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I wanted to create a video sharing some of the trends that I think we'll see in the crypto world in 2020.

Let me know what you think, and which trends you expect to play out!

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I see 15k BTC after the rewards halving and XRP at $1.5.

Not heard of these before - unstoppable websites, defi. There seems to so much potential for crypto and we must still be in the early stages of this technology.

So many interesting developments taking place!

I’m liking the defi projects, they are going to huge 😀

In my opinion bitcoin is still the most famous and trusted coin in 2020.

Thank you!!

Great video. Novel predictions. I hope the market recharges.

hello, hum, i am new to this steemit. i didn't know how its works in youtube they say it is like a cryptocurrency earning site and also they said that in our command anybody gives upvote it convert it to reward. so anybody give me some upvotes to me.???

Let's hope this doesn't become another "i'll do x if bitcoin reaches y" cause it's getting tiresome (About to watch the video now)

For the new year I hope that prices of the coins and tokens mentioned even exceed your well thought out and analyzed predictions.

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Mix Blockchain is also an interesting project for unstoppable webpages... Worth a peak

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