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In this video I share some body mists I bought from Body Fantasies and I will include a link to their website below this description.

If Bath & Body Works is to expensive for you, especially considering the shipping fees included with by them after they are imported to the Philippines, I think Body Fantasies is definitely a good alternative.

I personally purchased this inside the SM City Davao Department Store and I share with you the ones I like the most, and even the one that my husband likes too :)

Here are the scents I purchased and shared:

  1. Body Fantasies - Cucumber Melon
  2. Body Fantasies - Magical Escape
  3. Body Fantasies - Pink Vanilla Kiss
  4. Body Fantasies - Romance & Dreams
  5. Body Fantasies - Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy
  6. Body Fantasies - Sweet Crush
  7. Body Fantasies - Sweet Sunrise

Body Fantasies (official website)


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