#fitness2020 10 reps Challenge 2 episode 2

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Since the conclusion of Challenge one, I got some flags. I'm not too sure what had triggered it, and the flag continues. Not too sure how that happen, if you know the tag that I abused, kindly let me know. And the maintain for this post is to report back on my 2nd day for the 2nd week of 10 reps challenge. I'm not a fitness coach, I'm just trying to find my own recipe of healthiness and sexiness. It may not turn up any good result, but working out is way better than not doing anything right? At least physically we better. Today don't feel like posting any other thing. I just wanted to watch some video, and go to bed. If I'm saying the flag doesn't bother me, then I'm lying. I just doesn't feel too happy with taking fire without knowing the reason.

Week 1 concludion can be found here

Contest(Week 2)

Here's the #steem part I would like to put up. I would like to invite friends to participate in fitness. I am the guy who sign up a gym membership, but didn't go there even once because lack of workout buddy. I like "social fitness", literally go to the gym for social purpose. To me, gym is a lifestyle. I need peer pressure and I certainly hope this even will help you to continue posting daily because of the workout.


10 SBI for the winner

5 SBI for 2nd

3 SBI for 3rd

1 SBI for anyone who complete the challenge and make a summary workout report

If there's little participants, I'll just wipe my ass and walk out continue my workout with a few buddies. If there's enough participants, I will try to increase the top 5 prizes with snowball effect. When there's no taker, I will continue to add up the amount. Each week if nobody come forth and claim the reward, I will add it to the top 3.


  1. Do the workout. 10 jumping jacks, 10 push up/knee push up, 10 sit ups/crunches, 10 squats/hand assisted squats
  2. Record a video as prove of work
  3. Upload it to any social media that can allow user to watch without sign in, preferably dtube or 3speak
  4. Make a post with your prove of work and tag #fitness2020 for ease of curation
  5. Make an extra summary report by the end of challenge.
  6. Contest end - payout date of the announcement post (this post)
  7. No spam, no recycle video
  8. If you have anything to say, keep the video short, within 7 minutes.

Why this contest?

You may be saying, Dave 10 reps is a joke. Why not take it up to 50? Well, despite this contest is a fitness workout contest, ultimately its an excuse for us to make a post. I would like to take this opportunity to promote fitness, and to keep author posting on a regular basis, an extra topic for everyone to participate. I have prepared some steem for fellow participants. Ultimately, it benefit myself too, because I need workout buddy. And you my friend, 1 post a day for the fitness, you earn your potential upvote, body is yours, fitness is yours, and do the summary report and 1SBI is yours. If you win because you're handsome, or have a sexy bikini body, there you have somemore SBI as per prize stipulated.

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@cecilian 粥粥 迎着闪电 开着UFO 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


How do you know you are flagged/downvoted because of the wrong tag used?

Can it be the fact you mention/give SBI?

I do the contractions while you do the jumping parts. 💕

It could be the SBI. The recent one haven't got the flag yet since I didn't mention SBI on the title, but the flagger did mentioned on their profile they flag for tag abuse. So, keep my finger crossed. Won't be posting much due to fire security training. The programme is all over me now.

@davidke20 If they flag for tag abuse they should tell you which tag otherwise you can not change it. It it comes to it it is ridiculous. A tag is a tag and no one owns it. It's just annoying if weird posts show up that have nothing to do with the subject or community.

Keep my fingers crossed for you. ❤️

So far I tagged all free tags, that allowed anything goes. Like #palnet #zzan #dblog #marlians #neoxian but I wonder why. It seems like it had stopped. And I wouldn't want it to come back again. May be it's just a flag flood that point of time. Anyone post may get a flag.

@davidke20 What does #zzan stands for?

It is possible it was another flag flood since no one answered. You can name the larger or pay a visit at the account...❤️

#zzan is a Korean anything goes community, and they don't flag. Similar to a Korean version of #palnet, safe to use 🙂

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