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RE: [Acid Plays] Late night Counter Strike

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Heya! Can I ask you... I'm thinking about at least a partial migration from Twitch (may leave a strain cause I really love the people I've met there), but I want to move over to a crypto platform.

What are my options? There's a lot of dirt with DLive I'm finding, but I don't see any other live streaming options. Is there one I've missed that's Steem (and are there people around who can help newbies onboard more easily)?

And then for a decentralized tube, I've found and 3Speak, but I see some dirt on as well.... Do you prefer 3Speak for a particular reason, or do you just, happen to use it?

As a musician, where can I do the most with what I make?

Thanks for your time, again ^_^


I use 3speak cause it's new and I trust they won't pull another dlive :p although the content is not stored in a decentralized way right now they don't kick/ban/censor people as that's their foundation.

It's all about connections really and being consistent with your posting, of course as a musician you may not be writing a new song daily but like any other social media it's important to be consistent and post about other things too and connect with other likeminded steemians with votes and comments. The upcomming communities feature should make it more easy for those interested in certain niche's to find other people and share your content where they are waiting to curate it.

I'd recommend you also use the #oc tag when posting original content so that my curation project notices you. :)

Hm... is there a way to download the streams afterwards, since they dont save them? Right now, on Twitch I just forward my streams over to YouTube for storage once I'm done.

I just realized that 3Speak actually DOES do live streaming now, so I'll give it a whirl.

Thanks for the #oc tip. So many tags to remember... hehe.

Oh nice, didn't realize they had streaming now, need to try it out!

Hmm, don't think so, hope they'll add that in the near future!

Question... I just uploaded this video, and I can't tell if it's my glitchy computer, or if it didnt upload correctly? Does the video play for you? When I open the page, the steem and speak $ amounts just have endless loading dials, and the video doesn't start. Did I do something wrong, or does it just take time or.....?

Thanks again.

Hm.... I DID notice, however, that on MY 3Speak video, they're taking 10% for steem.dao and 10% for 3speakwallet? (and dsound is taking 25% for for the song I posted). Is That normal? Others I've seen, including you, only have 2% taken out for dao and null...

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