Why The Silk Road Case Matters to our Freedoms - An Interview with Lyn Ulbricht

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Hi Steem Family!

I had the awesome opportunity to be Lyn Ulbricht's roomate for World Crypto Con, but also to sit down and record a chat in our room about the Silk Road Case and how she has been fighting for her son, Ross Ulbricht's, freedom. This was actually the very first interview I ever did on my Girl Gone Crypto Channel and is arguably still the most important.

I realized that I don't have a good decentralized version of this video and with all the shadow banning and removing of videos on YouTube (there has been more issues this week) - it would be a real shame to lose this video.

Big thanks to @threespeak for offering a great solution for me to share my videos in a decentralized way where it can't get removed or shadow banned!

In this interview with Lyn Ulbricht, we quickly cover what the Silk Road is, and the story of Ross’ sentencing - but we then move into discussing why his case matters - and why every American should care about the outcome.

Lyn and I discuss the eroding freedoms and how our criminal justice system has let us down. The fact is - if this can happen to Ross (a non-violent first-time offender) then it could happen to anyone.

“We’re not supposed to be prisoned or condemned to die for our philosophical or political beliefs in the United States. This is not supposed to happen here.”

Lyn also goes over in detail how the Silk Road case violates the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th amendments.

I hope you enjoy my chat with Lyn!

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always important to keep the FRee Ross In views. no one must forget

Always important
To keep the FRee Ross In views.
No one must forget

                 - worldtraveller32

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

thanks for continuing to shine a light on this important case 👍

Indeed, it's incredible to think how far and how deep the silk road experiment continues to impact even so long after being shut down.

SR changed the drug game, I bought some Ketamine on it, and the left over dust in my wallet was worth 100s when i opened the wallet again few years later. People say there is no use for crypto but hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs get sold every day on DNMs, and none of the transactions results in violence.

Great video, so true. I followed this case.

Glad you posted this.

Good video.


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it sure does

Didn't Ulbrecht try to hire someone as a hitman and that person turned out to be FBI? I thought that's why he's in jail now, not for the actual site Silk Road, but more because he used it for something highly illegal.


The allegations relied solely on anonymous chats never proven to have been authored by Ross. Hard evidence and testimony, including from the government, show that multiple administrators (DPRs) operated the site (meaning they all had access to the same chats). Two corrupt investigators (now in prison) with unfettered access were also admittedly involved in numerous plots.

“Ross paid to have people killed.” - freeross.org

I send you all the positive energies so that everything goes well, justice will come

Is there an article that briefly explains what the Silk Road is?

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