Fighting Censorship on 3Speak - Interview with the Founder TheyCallMeDan

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Hi Steem Family!

I’ve got a really special interview to share today with our very own @theycallmedan! It was super exciting to have a fellow Steemian on my show to chat about all things Steem. In this interview, we talk quite a bit about @threespeak, but we also had an entire audience question section at the end where we get a little more in the weeds on Steem specific topics. Big thanks to all of you who submitted questions in advance!

I’m also really excited because this is my first time uploading to 3Speak! As many of you know, I was one of the very first people to upload a video to Dtube and have been using it for the last few years. Don’t worry, I still have Dtube love – but I’ve been curious to check out 3Speak and I couldn’t think of a better first video to post than my interview with the founder, Dan!

Censorship and shadow banning are big topics in the social media space right now and Steem is a pioneer in developing a decentralized/alternative platform space. More recently, Crypto YouTuber’s have been getting censorship hits and so people are starting to look at alternative platforms to share their video content. That’s why I was so excited to have Dan on and talk about 3Speak.

I really hope you enjoy this chat with @theycallmedan!

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I completely agree... I wish more people would join in the fight. I'll frequently hear things like YouTube has all of the traffic, which is true. But I'd always argue, why not both? That way you can support the new blood.


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I had a blast, thanks again for having me!

Thanks for answering my question about gold Dan :)

Thanks for the question! I need a nice necklace, going to check out Mene to find one.

Thats what I’m talkin about!! #mene24k

Not sure blocking people from comment sections are a bad thing in and of itself. Only when it can be done with zero transparency and by unknown people in some centralized platform that may very well be (and usually is) quite biased.

Think allowing users to be banned from communities and chats through votes would be a neat feature actually, where the reasons people give for voting (or the lack of a stated reason) would be there on chain for all to see.

Thanks for checking out our interview @fredrikaa! I think you make great points about the need for transparency

Very important subject, censorship @coruscate — I’m grateful to see this discussed.

As a writer and thinker, of course, I’m opposed to it. But, tolerance of hate is not tolerance & our right to free speech ends where hate speech begins.

Blocking comments is not, necessarily, a bad thing & offering a platform to known bigots is not a good thing, either.

I’m curious about @threespeak, as an artist and journalist, but frankly also put off by some of the sketchy characters being rewarded on it (such as @tommyrobinson, @ brianofLondon @rairfoundation) which make me wary to join.

@theycallmedan it’s good to, finally, see you (you look nothing like I thought you would, based on your cartoon :) Thanks, again, for all the good you do!

Tell me, did you ever get my book that I sent you?

Cheers, Yahia

Awesome job @coruscate! Thanks for asking my question about gold :)

Absolutely "KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK" with this "FIRST EVER" upload to @threespeak !! WHAT an absolutely genius "GENESIS BLOCK," chat with @theycallmedan!!
On a more personal note, the chat answered two very vital questions for us @acendeb , having just returned to , after an extended time away. We where wondering the same as @denmarkguy .

Are short instagram type posts frowned upon on Steemit?

So very glad that @theycallmedan thought that it added "Positivity", seeing how that's why we started sharing such posts in the past, just to add color and positivity for the family!

Also answered our question as to whether or not to invest the time and jump on board with @threespeak ?

The answer for us us anyway is absolutely!!!

Many thanks for a very informative chat! Very professional and "WELL DONE"!!!
Much Love,

Aww thank you so much for the kind words! I’m really glad you enjoyed our chat together and found it helpful!

I live in Israel and I've been dipping in and out of the incredible startup scene here in Tel Aviv for years. There are plenty of projects I've seen and founders I've met which have failed or succeeded but it is only within the crypto space that there seems to be this tying of an almost arbitrary financial value to a project. The dynamics of how this affects development is fascinating to watch.

As a method for sharing the cost of jointly used resources, Steem does seem to be arguing and consenting toward a useful model and it gives me quite a lot of confidence that this is a good way for disparate groups to work separately but together.

maybe crypto in Israel would be an interesting topic for another Interview with Lea?!

We totally agree with @]felix.herrmann ! Crypto in Israel would be a very interesting interview indeed!!

Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 😊

A very good interview

Thank you! 🙏🏼

I am really enjoying posting to @threespeak!

That’s awesome!! I found the platform very easy to use as well!

yes it is! :)

its about time for google to get a steem account and flag this kind of videos. Dangerous project for them! ;D - good interview coruscate aka girl gone crypto

Thanks my friend!! Glad you enjoyed it!

Very nice video with one of my favorites in the crypto space! Thank you!

Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed this interview. Now I can place a face with the name! I need to share this on Twitter! Good job @coruscate!

aww thanks so much for sharing Dan!!

this is interesting, what im going to do to have more steem? thanks

Awesome work, Dan! Free speech is fundamental the the USA and for human progress.

Interesting views

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@theycallmedan you are looking very beautiful, best of luck brother. i liked very much your interview. thank for sharing life experience about crypto. that is great interview thank a lot. dear brother you are looking boom boom may you live long.

"Censorship and shadow banning are big topics in the social media space right now and Steem is a pioneer in developing a decentralized/alternative platform space."

That is a lot of bull. When it comes to censorship, Steemit is not much different and no better that any other forum platform. On Steemit, if any member with a higher reputation than the original poster decides that "he" does not like the post's contents for "any" reason, he simply down-votes it, and in so doing hides the post. That is censorship in the truest sense of the word, regardless of what some Steemit supporters may wish to call it.


I look at the circle jerk...