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There is a time that comes, when everything you believed, about where your life is going, suddenly changes. Or at the very least, is challenged within the deepest part of you.

For me, that time has come. Unfortunately, the circumstance, that brought me here, is an ugly one, consisting of past hurts, fear, assumptions, harsh words, distrust, and pride, to name a few. Uncertainty, along with pain is not a good recipe to use, for making a life changing decision.

A true sense of belonging, is something of great importance, it is a vital role in one's quality of self worth. There is great comfort and security in the knowledge and feeling that someone else really knows you, your ins and outs, in essence, your inner-most being. The same can be said , in knowing someone else, as well. When the two collide, it is a beautiful thing.

If that reality or illusion of reality, is shattered, it leaves one feeling very, alone...

The question, is, whether its repairable or not.
Did not, Jesus, sacrifice His life to repair our sins and make us brand new, in the eyes of God? If we can, as individuals, accept His grace and His mercy, then I believe, the answer to the question, is, yes.

Forgiveness is key to giving and receiving real love.
Without it, we focus on our own selves, our own hurt, anger, and fear. Which, In turn, causes us to miss out on the opportunity to develop an even deeper and truer, sense of belonging, that we each so desire.

Trust in the Lord your God, with all your heart, mind, and soul. Lean not onto your own understanding , but in all ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs: 3, 5-6

... Jonathan, I love you ...

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Nice words and refreshing to see a young couple share genuine sentiment of the emotional kind between them rather than putting the most emphasis on physical aspect...Abs, boobs, good looks...Maybe important things, but not as important as the emotional. I like how you guys relate to each other, which is an indication on how you each relate to your personals selves.

Thank you, @galenkp. Whats funny, is that, unbeknownst to either of us, at the exact same time I was writing this, he was writing his Relationship Survival article. I appreciate your kind words.

I love how you guys are so focused on your relationship and each other. Kudos to you both.

We look up respectfully to the personal journey, you have shared with all of us fellow steemians, of the relationship you and Faith have. We have been encouraged and strengthened along the way. So, thank you, as your opinion is highly valued.
Kudos , back at ya! 😊😊😊

Aww, nice words Audie, thanks so much. 💚

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You are welcome, and thank you!!

Thank you for this, babygirl. I love you with all my heart. You wrote this SO beautifully. I know you wrote from the heart, but I wanted you to know that your heart is very talented. I look forward to our brightening future. :D

Thank you, for your positive encouraging words..
My heart belongs to you..
So doesnt that make you the talented one? lol.. 🤔 😄😄
❤ I love you