Hate Preachers Filmed Threatening to Slaughter Gays on the Streets of London 😲

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Men identified as part of the fringe Church of Yahawashi, an offshoot of the Hebrew Black
Israelites, uploaded footage of their preaching in Dalston, east London. As members of the
public walk by, one of the preachers tells the camera: “We just come out of a restaurant, and we had two faggots in there that we had to keep eyes on, because certain brothers, all of the brothers, we don’t like faggots. “Some brothers reserve their comment, because they want to be doing the slaying. Really, they want to put a sword to you.” At the suggestion of slaughtering gay people, the other men shout “that’s right!” and “preach”.

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Source: Hate preachers filmed threatening to slaughter gay people on the streets of London in broad daylight
Location: London, England

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So much for love and brotherhood. I think that authorities should do something about it. It would be beyond despicable that after these videos came out some people die because authorites just considered that these barbarians were just excercising their free speech rights.
Freedom of the self ends when the freedom of the other is threatened.
There is no room in this world for that kidn of view. If their god is so good and powerful they should rest asure that praying alone should either turn those gays into straight men or just kill them in their sleep so that they would not have to bother dirtying their precious hands.

i totally agree with you...this is insane...

Beware of any so-called religious people who preach hatred of others who do them no harm at all. Gay people have been so persecuted through history, so not coming out might seem like a safe option, but they still do it and society has become far more accepted. Unfortunately we still have these throw-backs. I honestly don't know anything about that particular group, but hatred is hatred and should be called out.

Hatred has no place in the civilized world.

why slaughter them??this hate is actually getting too much...

he is actually the real devil that deserves to be slaughtered.....

i agree...

some religious people are actually the devil they claim to be fighting against...

"hate" and a "preacher" now tagging along,why should a preacher be even promoting hate??is that not barbaric and stupid??