The EU Europeans Failed Serbia when it Needed them Most

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"By now you all understood that great international solidarity does not exist, European solidarity does not exist."
~Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

This is a super powerful message from the President of a European country, it's not a member of the EU block of countries but it's still a European country very much located in the heart of Europe.

Try now to convince us that western Europeans have any morals after watching this short speech. It's when in real need you discover who your friends are and who your enemies are and who the cowards are. And please, do not sell me that Chinese hegemony goal rubbish, don't blame others for your own failures and your lack of initiative.

As a Syrian whose country faced the 'humanitarian aid' from the EU for over 9 years now delivered to all sorts of terrorist groups in my country while boycotting the state and the 18 million people living under its control, I condemn these humanitarian bastards wholeheartedly because like the hyenas they are they let down their own brethren when in dire need and waited for the furthest country on the planet to help.

You don't gain by increasing pressure, you lose, always.

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what to expect from the same europeans who sent us all these terrorists and are still supporting them?

Showing their real faces when it comes to reality.

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europe is supposed to be a free economy. if he throws money at european companies, as he said, to buy medical equipment, the companies are supposed to treat them equal to people buying them in the home country. i find these export bans highly illegal. ... von der leyen... i dislike her more now. now what will happen once we produce the vaccine made from german research?