Time to be on Decentralized Social media and Steem is the one!

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Hi Guys

In 21st century we can't stay away from social media and everyday thousands of users are joining social media everyday. Social media has become a medium to connect with people and sharing of contents. Now since we need to be part of one then why not choose the one which is good for us infact many of the people joining such platforms are not even aware about the data handling policies of the platform.

This brings an opportunity for us and we can share more about Steem with People and it will help us to make them aware about Steem decentralized platform.

Please watch this video and share your thoughts as well in comments.

Thank you so much.

Steem on!

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@alokkumar121, if you have shared this post to other social media, could you put the link in the comments, please. Cheers

Hi @theycallmedan

I have shared it in twitter and the link is updated in comments. Thank you so much.


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