Talking About The Bullying I Got For Simplying Being A Struggling Creator

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This video was recorded last year. I don't remember when. It might have been early summer. idk
so I decided to "retire" from hive. I used to make vlogs, do vlogging challenges.
Over time it became overwhelming so I decided to focus on YouTube, TikTok, etc and I can
embed my content to draw viewers to my YouTube channel. If Hive goes offline for whatever
reason, you can find me somewhere else.

I made a "final" post. I felt I was spending so much time editing, and recording for no one to notice
that's hard for most creators. The post did better than I thought, a "follower" assumed I knew
and said I was "ungrateful"
I explained that I didn't know and that if you just communicate like a normal person, I will know
they decided to be an asshole and proceed to harass me for "begging for money"
when I promote my kofi/Patreon. These sites are not charities, you know how you
join Netflix and you can access series exclusive to Netflix? Kofi/Patreon is like that. I can offer
exclusive perks/content you can't get anywhere else.

I should be able to express frustration with feeling like my content is not getting noticed and not get
get harassed for it. Pointing out faults should not automatically villainize someone.
People should be allowed to voice setbacks they have and not get harassed for it.
Hive needs a block button, or at least a "shadow ban" feature where you can "shadow ban"
the creator, they still comment but only that person sees their comment. they don't know
I blocked them, hence "shadow ban"

you can watch here


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