Facebook Demonetized Me For "Unoriginal" Content, Despite All Content Being Mine

in Threespeak3 months ago

i logged onto Facebook and they demonetized me for "unoriginal" content for the ads on reels
program. Despite the content being 100% mine. They did not provide any additional info
so I am taking guesses.
Maybe pages that don't have diverse content is "unoriginal" to Facebook
One creator on Tiktok things the on going battle to ban Tiktok had something to do with the
I was told you can repurpose your content, the watermark from Tiktik/Instagram etc can't be there
"don't put your eggs in one basket" as a small creator, I have to take a chance because I can't
get people to join my kofi/Patreon. These sites are not a gofund me. its like how you join Netflix and get
to see the series exclusive to the website.
Patreon is like that, you get exclusive access to benefits/content
my video was under the impression going off what the guy on tiktok said



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