Explaining why I joined these blogging platfomrs

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This video explains why I joined these blogging platforms. You have to watch to understand.
The desciption
is to tell you what the video is about. I joined due to unemployment. At the time, I blogged
about autism and mental health issues and how they are a barrier to employment.
This was in 2018-2019. This was on my WordPress blog and I would share a summary on these sites
due to no one actually communicating before reporting me for content theft
(steem cleaners came after me
in 2019)
When the epidemic started, I also noticed some things physically disabling. So I moved the goal
post and now deal with chronic issues as well as mental health.
I joined these platforms because content creation is the only job I can keep. I also like the censorship
free aspect of the site.
I felt there was a major disconnect. I was trying to get votes since this is the only way I can some
what support myself, so I need to know what content viewers engage with, which requires me to
post more often to better test this (verbal communication would be easier, eg someone telling me
they prefer to see let's say Grand Theft Auto 5 videos)

I depend on monetization va ads etc since being a small creator, it's difficult, if not impossible, to get
sales on your stuff, subscribers on Patreon, etc. Patreon is a way to offer exclusive perks
to viewers.
Looking at how the coin price varies on these sites, and how anyone, with no proof, can report you
for cheating or stealing content, and Hive watchers come after you takes your money, doesn't
communicate. It's not safe to only rely on these sites, even if you are a bigger creator. Also, we don't
know Hive's future. Steemit died when the new CEO took over.

watch on threespeak

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