Canceling People For Not Speaking Up About Current Events Is Stupid

in Threespeak3 months ago

've started to notice when social justice issues arise, online activists make it
a requirement to speak and if you don't, you're labeled a bad person and or canceled.
I find it dumb how we base people's morals based on how loud they are about certain issues. Actions speak louder than words. Sharing a photo means nothing if you wouldn't defend someone being bullied. I do not like how, just because bad things are happening, activists cancel people for
"living their lives" Its like to them "so and so is happening so fun is banned"
they are likely scaring people away from the cause, they never wanna take responsibility for how they are treating people fo WHY they won't join the cause
even then. you can't force people to be activists. It's their choice. if you don't agree with it. Unfollow them and move on

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