Imam Abu Hanifa Rah. Its biography

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Imam Abu Hanifah was born in the Kufa of Iraq on September 5, 699 by 80 A.H. and on 14 June 767 English 150 AH passed away. Because of his meeting with Anas bin Malik (ra), he is a Tabei. Imam Abu Hanifah. Along with eight other companions have met.These are-

  1. Hadrat Anas bin Malik (Wafat 93 AH)
  2. Abdullah ibn Abi Aufa ra. (Wafat 87 hijri)
  3. Sahl ibn Saad ra (Ophat 88 AH)
  4. Abu Tofail (Ophat 110 AH)
  5. Abdullah ibn Jubaidi (Ophat 99 AH)
  6. Jabir ibn Abdullah ra (Ophat 94 AH)
  7. Waseena Ibn al-Asaka (Ophat 85 AH)

Imam Sahib's life:
Imam Abu Hanifah, the political situation of that time. When he was born, Al-Malek Ibn Marwan, who was in Almaty's Khilafat Mansad, was present in Alam. The rule of Iraq was in the hands of Hajjan ibn Yusuf. The town of Kufa was the capital of the Sahabis and the wise men of Jupiter, his capital. Hajjaj is described as the most tyrannical administrator in the history of Islam. Because of political differences, innumerable number of wise people, including several prominent disciples, had to sacrifice their lives in the form of oppression

The caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz used to say, if all the wrongdoers of one of the previous unbelievers get one, and if our Hajjaj is taken in one measure, then definitely Hajjaj's injustice will be very heavy.
Ibrahim Nakhir. The righteous person heard the news of the death of Hajjaj and he bowed down in tears with the eyes of the tears. In the horrific situation of oppression, the scholars and noble classes are quite inactive
Khalifa Abdul Malek died at 86 AH. During this Khalifa regime, the Islamic Khilafah border extended to Kabul-Kandahar and Sindh-Panjab and to the west in Spain. But the major centers of Elme-Din were stunned. Although the scholars did not live up to their senses, only the practice of Alim was saved, but the practice of almighty among the larger people had almost stopped.
In the Hijrah 95, Hajjaj fell in the face of death.The next year, Ouli, son of Abdul Malek, also died. After the death of the Oliyas, Sulaiman Ibn Abdul Malek was given the responsibility of Khilafat. In view of historians, Sulaiman was one of the most noble rulers of the Umayyad dynasty Khalifadan. Hijri is known as Mujadded of the first century, Omar ibn Abdul Aziz Rah. He is appointed as Chief Substerty. When he died after performing the duties of khilafah for three years, he was elected the next caliph after Omar bin Abdul Aziz, according to the absence of the caliph.Omar bin Abdul Aziz Rah. He was a self-taught scholar of self. In his personal interest and care, prominent scholars of the era have greatly devoted themselves to the study of Hadis, Tafsir and Fakahastra. Imam Bukhari writes, Omar bin Abdul Aziz rah. A letter written to Abu Bakr ibn Hadam ordered that to arrange the collection and recording of the hadiths of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) in a proper manner. I am afraid (in the current situation) the practice of Elysium and the existence of the scholars
Do not disappear! (Sahih al-Bukhari)
Allama Badruddin Legal Bases Said Omar bin Abdul Aziz sent the command of the above verse to all the famous scholars of the era. As a result, the work of collecting the hadith from the 100 years of Hijri started extensively. Otherwise, we may not have had such a large reservoir reserves today. (Omdatul-Qari, 1st volume)
Imam Abu Hanifa's paternal occupation was the trade of clothes. Large quantities of valuable silk fabrics were imported and exported from Iran to Iraq, Syria and Hijaz. He was an owner of a lot of money because of his fatherly business. Perhaps the first person in the most famous olympics who did not want to receive the Hadhyah-Taha from the state or the rich, by earning their livelihood by earning their income, all the services of Elam and all the poor students gathered there.
Imam Sahib joined his father's business since his teenage years. As a businessman, he had to travel to different markets and trade centers. Eventually one day he met Imam Shabir. In the first view, Imam Shabi noticed the talent sparks in the face of Abu Hanifa's face. He asked, boy! what do you do? I see you on the way to travel all the time! Where do you go and comeImam Sahib replied, I do business. I have to go and come to the stores in the shop for the business of the business. Imam Shabi asked again, this is the age of your education. Do you have any educational scholarship?
Abu Hanifa Rah Simply said, I rarely have such opportunities.
Through a few discussion, Imam Sha'bi made Abu Hanifa interested in attaining attention. Imam Saheb said that the sincere teachings of Imam Shabir have deepened in my heart and since then I have started visiting the centers and going to different learning centers as well. (Muayfak, Abu Zohra)
At this time Abu Hanifar Rah. The age was nineteen or twenty years. He remained immersed in the knowledge of Imam Hammad for a long time for eighteen years. When Imam Hammad died, Abu Hanifah was 40 years old. At the time, he took over the responsibility of his education center.(short)
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