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Yep, I got a bit agitated at times. Human misbehavior gets to me more easily than most other irritants.

I still can't flush the image of the freezing Indian woman and her two starving children trying to grab slaughterhouse offal from the pigs through a fence.

We have much in our history to be ashamed of.

Some things just ain't right, my friend.

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sir willymac! good to hear from you on this fine Tuesday! what image are you referring to about the Indian woman?


The one created in my head that came from reading a description in the Extermination of the American Bison book (I believe it was that one). The workers in a slaughterhouse swept offal off the kill floor for the pigs to eat and would not let the Indians have any. I know it was different times and conditions were harsh, but the deliberate acts like that bothered me. Settlers wanted the Indians dead and how they got that way did not matter.

So much to be proud of in our ancestry! (sarc)


howdy again sir willymac! yes sir it is one of the worst mistakes our country ever made was the way we dealt with and treated the Indians and buffalo.