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I usually write a post about the wars overseas or some current shenanigans in domestic politics. Starting with this post, I will launch WEDA Pokes Paradigms. Where I will cover wide-ranging topics— and I'm also open to suggestions— from archeology and ancient civilizations to the actual events of history, not the general history, being peddled to the public today.

I hope readers will engage and feel free to comment and speak your mind if you disagree with any of the evidence I present. The idea of WEDA Pokes Paradigms is a peer-to-peer verification process of the historical record, like a debate to reach a consensus on history, except we will use the blockchain.

Here goes nothin'.

Throughout history and to this day people all over the world have heard stories of floods, yes those floods. And before you close this post, this is not about to be a religious post.

image.png I didn't just sneeze, that is an actual person from history. Who is Utnapishtim? He is the real Noah.

In 1849 Austen Henry started excavating the mound of Kuyunjik, an archaeological site on the banks of the Tigris River. Shortly after the excavation began it was announced that Austen Henry found the ancient city Ninevah which is mentioned in the Old Testament. Assurbanipal was the king of Ninevah. Assurbanipal during his reign built a great library in his kingdom and ordered his emissaries to scour the kingdom for tablets for him to barrow, he made exact clay copies and returned them. Over time it is believed that Assurbanipal accumulated 30,000 tablets.

Austen Henry and his team discovered thousands of tablets among these tablets were the twelve tablets that were engraved with the Epic of Gilgamesh an ancient story of a great flood.


The story of Noah according to the historical and Biblical record sounds a lot like the Epic of Gigamesh. So is the story of Noah just a plagiarization of the Epic of Gilgamesh? You tell me, here is the Epic of Gilgamesh.




The story of Noah, according to the biblical record is written into the version we know today when Ezra told the story to the five scribes. The Story of Gilgamesh was proven to be craved in clay thousands of years before Ezra told his tale to the scribes and reconstructed Genesis I, II and III or what we know today as the story of Noah.


Conclusively, we can say that the story of Noah comes from the Epic of Gilgamesh, and there is historical evidence to prove how this may have happened. I don't know if it was an intentional mistranslation or an accidental mistranslation. for example: "without form and void" is written in Genesis when describing the flood, but this should translate to: "raging inundations and horrendous winds." The mistranslation either happened at the source, the five scribes or over thousands of years of a game of telephone. Regardless of where the mistranslation happened or if it was done on purpose or not, the fact is that the story of Noah we know today was morphed and stitched together to fit the religion of the time.


What was changed from the original Epic of Gilgamesh and why? It seems to me personally that what was erased from history is that the Epic of Gilgamesh was the story about a natural disaster and not about a godly admonishment. The Epic of Gilgamesh is more graphic for sure, but it is also more scientifically accurate to what has been geologically proven. Geologist have studied a layer of dark sediment that blanketed the earth 11,500 years ago. Oceanographic studies have proven the oceans rose 200 feet around this same time. Archaeologists discovered a 515-foot ship on top of Mount Ararat in Turkey and the Epic of Gilgamesh says "bumped into a mountain."


The Epic of Gilgamesh also says that they disembarked the ship and "built an altar." Gobekli Tepe is located 493 miles from Mount Ararat which seems to be a really far distance away, but there are many altars erected along the way we also have to assume that the landscape after this cataclysm was drastically changed.


I researched into Gobekli Tepe and other T shaped stone pillar sites in Turkey. Carbon dating from what is known as the Vulture Stone at Gobekli Tepe proved it was between 11,000-12,000 years old. What I think is more important is the pictographs carved on the T shaped pillars of Gobekli Tepe. The pillars depict many different animals including cattle, snakes, foxes and different variations of birds. Are the animals depicted on the stone pillars of Gobekli Tepe engravings of the animals talked about in the Epic of Gilgamesh?



                                 (Vulture Stone)


There is evidence to suggest that before this great cataclysm our world was much more developed and much more connected than mainstream archeologists will admit. Proof of that lies in ancient languages lets take the Greek Alphabet for example. Everyone knows Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta on and on, but what many do not know is that if you sound out the word like Beta (bay-tah) this is almost identical to ancient Polynesian.

Alpha, Alpaaha, Al-pah-ah-ha
Beta, Beta, Bay-tah
Gamma, Kamma, Kahm-ma
Delta, Telta, Tell-ta
Epsilon, Epsilonom, Ep-zil-oan-om
Zeta, Zeta, Zay-tah
Era, Etha, Ayt-ha
Theta, Thethehaha, Thay-thay-ha-ha
Iota, Iota, Eye-oh-ta
Kappa, Kapaa, Kah-pah-ah
Lambda, Lambeta, Lam-bay-tah
Mu, Mu, Moo
Nu, Ni, Nee
Xi, Xi, Ksee
Omicron, Omikleon, Oh-mik-lay-on
Pi, Pi, Pie
Rho, Laho, Lah-hoe
Sigma, Zilkma, Zee-ik-ma
Tau, Tau, Tah-oo
Upsilon, Upazileon, Oo-pa-zee-lay-ohn
Phi, Pehi, Pay-high
Chi, Chi, Kigh
Psi, Pezi, Pay-zigh
Omega, Omecka, Oh-mec-kah

Even more astounding is that the Greek Alphabet is actually a collection of ancient Mayan words depicting a story of a great flood. If we translate the Mayan words or the bold text into English this is what we come up with.

"Overwhelmingly break the oceans;
They inundate the lands
Mother Earth receives the deep
Where obstructions are shores form,
Mighty winds rampage, wherewith ocean piling over oceans
they burry all that is living and moving
Where the hills are they vanish, buried submerged with
the earth of the mother land
Mountain peaks alone stand forth before the onslaught
on our planet which abates little by little until there comes
the cold wind
The motherlands is now at the bottom of the earth an abyss
a vast reservoir of frozen mud
they come out volcanoes vapors pouring fourth with swirling smoke and lava."

Source for this info (The Adam & Eve Story 1963 by Chan Thomas - in the book on page 104, on PDF page 60

This book by Chan Thomas was initially thought to be a classified by the CIA because it was declassified in 2013 and released incomplete and heavily redacted. I found the complete book which i linked above. The version released by the CIA in 2013 can be found here. I strongly urge anyone interested in this kind of stuff to read The Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas.

I really hope people enjoyed the first WEDA Pokes Paradigms and I look forward to doing more in the future.

Written by Joziah Thayer

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