Wacky Facts by Agent K #2: Did you Know that German and Russian Soldiers Had to Cease Fire to Fight United Against Wolves During World War I?

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 Hello my fellow steemians, 

Day two for Wacky Facts, so let's get ready to Rumbleeeeeeee!!!!!!!

The Foreplay 

Some of you have probably watched Joyeux Noel. If not, let me tell you a few things about it. This anti-war film, directed by Christian Carion, made some noise back in the mid 2000's for telling (beautifully) the touching and real story of "The Christmas Truce of 1914." This rare event was a series of unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front of  WWI, where German, French and British soldiers crossed trenches in order to exchange seasonal greetings, gifts and remember what it is to be a human after all. During those festive events, the vast majority of the soldiers realized that they fought and killed each other for nothing, but if you want to learn more, please go watch the movie because I have a wacky fact to report soon ;) 

The Menu of the Day

The Christmas Truce of 1914 became part of pop culture thanks to the film industry's power (ask Leo and his 300), while the movie was nominated by every major film award worldwide, as the Best Foreign Language Film for 2005. Unfortunately, some other fellas from the same War, never received the publicity they deserved for an even more bizarre and odd historical event. See, during the winter of 1916–1917, Germans fought against Russians in an area stretching for more than a thousand miles from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south. 

What's The Story?

During that winter the subzero temperatures and icy weather didn’t cause issues only to the soldiers, but apparently made the vicious Russian wolves that were starving converge on both the German and Russian lines in the northern part of the front in the Vilnius-Minsk region. Their hunger was so out of control that despite their fear of humans they started to attack not only individuals, but organized groups of soldiers causing lots of deaths and injuries. Btw, talking about hunger...

The problem eventually became so serious that there were days where both sides had more casualties from the vicious attacks of the wolves, than the actual battles.  In the meantime both Russian and German soldiers had tried everything and failed. They tried poisoning them, shooting them with their machine guns, and even tried to use grenades against them, but the Russian wolves were so hungry that nothing could stop them. 

The situation became so catastrophic for both sides that the Russian and German soldiers convinced their commanders to make a temporal truce so they could join forces against those blood-thirsty, four-legged bastards. After short negotiations a truce was achieved and the fighting stopped. The two sides discussed how to find an effective solution to this situation and finally after a lot of common effort and cooperation they managed to murder hundreds of wolves while the rest scattered, leaving the area for good.  

*Warning: Explicit Content (Man vs Wolves) Follows*

Happy Ending? 

I truly hope your mind doesn't go the wrong direction right now....And NO, I didn't mean that type of Happy Ending. Shame on you, people!!! Sheesh!!!!! 

Anyway, back to my wacky fact, the victory against the wolves accomplished, the soldiers gathered together to amicably celebrate the victory while drinking large amounts of beer, feasting and probably singing songs like this one right here:

Soon, however, the "children" of WWI found that there was no choice to make, as the "old men" had decided for them already. Inevitably, the truce ended and the "children" went back to killing each other “properly” again. What a wonderful world, huh? 

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Russian Wolves 

Russians and Germans United 

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I definitely liked what I read, so I will resteem 😉!

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I have a problem. I don't know why I cannot give you anything now. I guess I am broke lol

I am not sure if voting power has anything to do with how much money you have in your wallet (at this early stage). But then again, I don't know much about steemit yet...I am only a writer. Hopefully, we learn more on Saturday at the vasilopita event ;)

What a wonderful world!

I enjoyed every sentence and sarcasm-drained word of yours! I really like your writing!
Steem on @tkappa!

Thank you very much ruth-girl. It really means a lot to me coming from a Greek OG of steemit like you :)

I could say a few things about "wolves" and my opinion of humanity in general, but some of my "colleagues" are telling me I can only say positive things (and, I suppose, think "wonderful, beautiful thoughts" and up I'll go)

Saying positive things does not mean a thing unless you believe in them!
You cannot really think positive unless you believe it! So in the end is all a matter of faith. What you believe, that's where all your power and energy goes!! That's what makes the difference ☺!

Give me a break!

Have you read The Sermon on the Mount lately? How many people do you know who say they are "believing Christians" have "all of their power and energy", or even a fraction of it, going there, to follow his words? The wolves don't lie to themselves, or others. The sheep do.

So saying positive things you don't believe does mean something. It means you will eventually be eaten by wolves LOL.

And who are the wolves in sheeps' clothing?

Look this is a conversation that I have with a friend of mine for the last 9 years....endlessly!!! And we do not see to reach a point where we agree with each other.
I see what you mean, every day I see it!!! But I also see the other side! Call me a happy dreamer or a person that blindly chooses to believe the hopeless!! I know but that's just who I am! I always like to see the best in people and don't get me wrong, that has cost me a great deal too!

But I am not willing to change who I am for all the ones that cannot be like me. And I do not meen this in an egoistic way! You know there is kindness in this world as well 🙂! I am sure you see it too.

To be honest Alina, I personally agree with Lord Vader on this one! Ηe makes some really valid points. You can't argue with him. Our world is fulllll of "wolves" and you can't deny that! How else do you explain that I see my son once in every blue moon? Do you remember a "wolf" named Kate? I think you do ;)

Never seen this version of Peter Pan before. Pretty cool in a primitive way :P
And I think I know very well what you mean about the "wolves" and humanity in general, and I will agree (if I assume correctly). The sad thing, however, is that wolves will most likely attack you because of hunger (call it survival instict provided by Mother Nature), "wolves" on the other hand, are an evil species that will attack you for a variety of reasons that most of the times have nothing to do with their survival. Are we on the same page Lord Vader? Or was I lost in translation?

Nature's wolves don't wear sheeps' clothing. "Human" wolves do.

Awesome post Theo :) And I am really glad to see your point on the wolf thing. Just like sharks, crocodiles, tigers or any other "vicious" predators, wolves might be dangerous but they only follow their natural instincts in order to survive. There is nothing really evil about them. Unlike with so many people, sadly...

Thank you so much for the good words, mate :)

100% agree with you on the "wolf" part. It's just my sister that denies to face the truth (or to be honest, she can see the truth but prefers to stay "ignorant" as it makes her happier in a way). I won't even bother to upvote you since my last 3 votes don't even gave a single cent lol

Take it easy man :) My power is getting down fast too today. All cryptos are falling today, including Steem, which only adds to that effect...

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