Ahsan Manzil

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Ahsan Manzil is the residential palace of the nawabs of Dhaka in the Kumartuli area on the banks of Buriganga River. It is said that in the Mughal period there was the Rang Mahal of zamindar Sheikh Enayetullah in Jamalpur Pargana. After buying Rang Mahal from his son Motiullah, the French establish a trade factory here.

In 1830 Khwaja Alimullah bought the trade factory from the French and for turned into own home by making necessary reforms. Khwaja Khwaja Alimullah’s son Abdul Gani,A European construction and engineering organization name Martin and Company, is based on this residence, Its main building was Ahsan Manzil. Khwaja Abdul Gani creates a master plan with "Martin and Company" an European construction and engineer organization which is based on this residence. Its main building was Ahsan Manzil. The construction work of Ahsan Manzil began in 1859 and completed in 1872. Abdul Ghani named the building under the name of his son Khwaja Ahsanullah, Ahsan Manzil. In that era, the newly built palace building was known as Rangamahal and the previous building was known as Andar-mahal. Ahsan Manzil was severely damaged in the Strong cyclone on 7 April 1888.Nawab Ahsanullah rebuilt the Inner Rooms and repaired the Rang Mahal. Engineer Govinda Chandra Roy conducted the repair work. The lovely dome that is present on the Rang Mahal is added at this time.

Ahsan Manzil is an architecture with which several sections of Bengal's history are involved. Since the last phase of the nineteenth century, for the first part of Pakistan, for about a hundred years, the East Bengal Muslims were led from this building first part of Pakistan, for about a hundred years, the East Bengal Muslims were led from this building. As the head of People, the nawabs of Dhaka used to set up arbitration courts daily. Nawab Ahsanullah, who believes in Muslim separation, has organized many anti-Congress meetings here. Khwaja Salimullah conducted all his political activities from this palace. Ahsan Manzil is a part of history today, as formulas of All India Muslim League. When the acquisition of Dhaka Nawab Estate in 1952 under the Eviction Act of Zamindar, it becomes impossible for the successors of the nawab to maintain the palace. Without taking into consideration, the inheritors of the palace rented the palaces room and took it to the stage of demolition. In time, illegal occupiers made this place a dirty slum. Realizing the historic and architectural importance of Ahsan Manzil, the government of Bangladesh took steps to reform the building to become a museum.

There is a beautiful dome on the roof of this palace. Once upon a time this dome was the highest in Dhaka city. Outside the main building, the three-door arched doorway is also beautiful. Likewise, the Spacious stairs leading up to attract the attention of everyone. There are two beautiful arches in the eastern and western edges which are the most beautiful. There are two parts inside the Ahsan Manzil. There is salon and libraries in the eastern part and in the western part there are dance-houses and other residential rooms. There are Courtroom and banquet rooms are the ground floor.

To be Continued ...


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