Computer Room Hygrometers

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I started out in I.T. in the late 1970’s when there were no personal computers. Computer rooms had very stringent environmental controls to ensure the optimal performance of the ‘mainframe computers’. I am not sure if these are 'Hygrometers' or a combination of a hygrometer and thermometer. I was also surprised to see how little information there is available on the web around these instruments.

Helping our I.T. Infrastructure Manager the other day in the computer room I came across these relics from the 80’s. Sure brought back memories


Kent Clearspan m105 - Temperature and Humidity Recorder

This particular one was mounted on a column in more or less the centre of the computer room. It has an alarm which goes off if the temperature or humidity strays outside the control settings, which were 18 - 20 degrees celsius and 70 - 80 gcm (grams per cubic metre)...something around there.


Looking closely one can see the days of the week, and in the body of the printed card is the temperature and humidity ranges. The yellow arrows (A) indicate where the shift leader would calibrate the new sheet every Monday morning at 07h00


A free standing hygrometer which was moved around at the discretion of the shift leaders when hotspots were suspected

Just some trivia from my past. I can hardly believe that was almost FOUR DECADES ago . As always thank you for reading!!!


Sure could use one of those hygrometers in my bedroom. Love that kind of stuff. Thanks for the pics and explainations. Upvote and resteem.

Yah I was impressed to find them still here. Every Monday morning I would don my blue dustcoat and do the rounds to replace the charts in each machine and record ambient anomalies, with a documented plan of action. Was like when you watch a NASA movie...

good post. fond memories. and nice and intact objects, may be very impressed with the past, friend.

A very historic relic, I'm sure there is no good relic because it has been swallowed by his time. You are very lucky there is still a very useful ancient relic. May be an inspiration to all of us. Success is always for you @themagus. May you always be healthy😊

Yup @lizana, health is our most important asset. Thank you for your support

Yes my friend, You are welcome and hopefully we are always given good health 😊😊

Looks like this is a reality that the growth of I.T makes it easier for humans, now we just need to turn on the Smartphone to know the temperature and humidity in the form of widgets available on the front screen. And it's so amazing ..

I remember they had these type of machines recording measurements of machinery when I worked at a food production company back in the 80's/90's.
Ah memories

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, it really motivative, well done for not giving up despite the difficulties... Stay blessed..... 🙏🙏🙏

Postings that attract my friends, now we rarely encounter the old computer so in a way to the old computer age boom has begun to disappear ..
I upvote and resteem

Wow,,the longer the more sophisticated tools in the world, I really like it
in this modern age 'are all sophisticated. I like

240% upvoted Thanks!

this is very interesting and nice, you have to like things like this.
I am also interested in this object @themagus.

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