CIA Memo 1967: CIA Coined & Weaponized The Label "Conspiracy Theory"

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In 1967 The CIA released a dispatch that coined the label "conspiracy theory" and "conspiracy theorists" to attack anyone who challenged the official narrative from the Warren Commission. It's interesting to note that the document is labelled "psych", for psychological operations or disinformation. It's also marked "CS copy" at the bottom, meaning "Clandestine Services" Unit.

This document was requested and released to The New York Times in 1976 via The Freedom of Information Act. Below is the CIA dispatch. Read it for yourself.

CIA Dispatch: Weaponizing "conspiracy theorist" label Page#1

CIA Dispatch: Weaponizing "conspiracy theorist" label Page#2


After the 1960's the word "conspiracy theory", "conspiracy theorist", and "conspiracy" started having a negative connotation and is enough to silence anyone who questions the official narrative. To this day we still view conspiracy theorists as crazy tinfoil hatters.


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Thank you @steemit-2018

Super interesting post thanks! FOIA requests have been eye opening I dare say.👽🤖

It is FOIA releases like this, that then general public will never see, and quite honestly, never care to see, that will perpetuate exactly what is laid out in this document. Thanks for posting this.