How did Alexander the Great die?

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Welcome everyone to a brand new post! While i was watching a video of Alexander and all his victories, i wondered how he died. Since he won all of his battles, he couldn't have died in battle. So i did a little bit of research and found that Alexander's death is pretty mysterious. From poisoning to alcoholism, today we're going to look through some of the possible ways he died.

Was Alexander the Great poisoned?

The poisoning of Alexander the Great

Now this theory was proposed by the award-wining writer Paul C. Doherty.In his book Alexander the Great: The Death of a God, he claimed that Alexander was poisoned by his presumed half-brother Ptolemy I Soter. But it wasn't likely since Ptolemy was one of Alexander's must trusted and loyal Generals and was one of Alexander's Bodyguards. Though a New Zealand Toxicologist, Dr Leo Schep, said that he could have been poisoned by a wine made by a plant called Veratrum album.

Typhoid Fever/Malaria.


It is said that while on his death bed Alexander had chills, sweat, exhaustion and high fever, which were typical symptoms of Typhiod Fever which was common in Babylon at that time and with no modern medicine it was lethal. It's also mentioned in the Alexander Romance that he screamed in agony from abdominal pain. Another theory which had some backbone to it was that he had Malaria which is a disease spread by mosquitoes. This theory was proposed by Andrew Chugg, he claimed that Alexander contracted Malaria two weeks before he died, while he was inspecting some flood defences on the Marshes. Alexander died in June, 323 BC, at the age of 32 in Babylon

Fun Facts.

  1. While Alexander was dying, each of his Generals came and asked him "Who will you give the Empire to?" and he replied with "The Strongest".
  2. Calanus a Hindu Naga sadhu, prophesied Alexander's death. Before he killed himself by self-immolation, he looked at Alexander and said "We shall meet in Babylon" nobody knew what he meant by that since Alexander had no plans to go to Babylon at that time.
  3. It is presumed that Alexander's body was preserved in Honey for two years before being transported to Egypt from Babylon.

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