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What is the news of Steemian Friends? Hope we are always in good condition ....
Today I will be a little bit about the history of the Islamic ocean pasai (Pasee). After all this time I never write again in steemit since there is something. Today why not when I want to post the results of my writing and I hope all friends menyikuinya.


So one day I do morning jogging, which usually never jogging but in that day me and 2 my cousins ​​doing jogging activity to museum pasai ocean in Aceh Utara. Nahh, from that jogging I found the idea to write an article related to the history of pasai samdera.
Okay let's listen ...

The Sultanate of Pasai, also known as Samudera Darussalam, or Samudera Pasai, is an Islamic empire located on the northern coast of Sumatra, approximately around Lhokseumawe City and North Aceh, Aceh Province, Indonesia.

Pasai Pasai Kingdom is the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia or Nusantara located on the island of Sumatra precisely on the northern tip of the island of Lhokseumawe, NAD Province (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam). The first king or founder of the Pasai Ocean Kingdom named Meurah Silu with the title of Sultan Malik As-Saleh in 1267. Historical sources and evidence of the existence of the Kingdom of the Pasai Ocean can be seen in the Tomb or the graves of the kings of aceh that we can see in North Aceh precisely the village beuringen Kecamatan Samudera. At the tomb there is the tomb of the first king or can be called also with the founder of this kingdom.


There is not so much archaeological evidence of this kingdom to be used as a study of history. But some historians begin to trace the existence of this kingdom from the Hikayat of the Kings of Pasai, and this is associated with some king tombs and the invention of gold and silver coins with the name of the king.
Historical source on the existence of other Pasai Ocean Kingdom is the discovery of gold and silver coins with the name of the king. In addition, the source of the existence of the Kingdom of Samudra pasai is also listed in the book Rihlah Ila I Masyriq work from Abu Abdullah Ibn Batuthah in the year 1304-1368. The book is a story of people or traders who go wandering east and towards the archipelago. The existence of Pasai Samudra Kingdom is also strengthened from the records of a Moroccan historian named Ibn Battuta. In his notes, Samudra Pasai is used as the center of Islamic studies. He called the Ocean "sumutrah" and then now Sumatra.

I've heard from some people that the shape of the oceanic empire pasai first as the image I attached (more or less so although the more majestic the original). Picture of the form of the building I've also seen in the school bus body owned by North Aceh. I am very hesitant about how the real oceanic kingdom form really is.


Nahh, surely you are wondering, really similar to the emblem of the Garuda NKRI?
Before being officially used as a symbol of the Republic of Indonesia, Garuda has also been used as a symbol of the Pasai Ocean Kingdom which was once centered in North Aceh. The Kingdom of Samudera Pasai was founded by Sultan Malikussaleh (Meurah Silu) in the 13th century or 1267. An adventurer Ibn Batuthah in his book Tuhfat al-Nazha said that Pasai Ocean has become the center of Islamic studies in Southeast Asia. The emblem contains the phrase Tauhid and Pillar Islam. The details, the head of the bird meaning Basmallah, wings and legs are the words of the two Shahadat. Finally, the bird's body is a pillar of Islam.
Who actually designed the symbol of the Kingdom of the Pasai Ocean? "The symbol of the Pasai Samudera Kingdom was designed by Sultan Samudera Pasai Sultan Zainal Abidin. The symbol of the bird means a broad, courageous and thoughtful religious broadcast.

All of my friends, hopefully useful 🙂 ....

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