5 Fascinating Stories of World War II

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Hello my fellow steemians, my interest in history has led me to study and learn about many things, and the world war II is one of the prime subjects. Today I’m going to share with you 5 most awesome stories of the 2nd world war. So, without without more ado, let’s get into the stories.

11 Norwegians destroyed a German base with 3,000 Nazis inside.


A small group of Norwegians was able to install explosives on a Nazi base in the Arctic- before the place could be used for the manufacture of nuclear weapons.
During the Gunnerside operation in 1943, the Allies were to take from the Germans the domination of a factory in Telemark - there was fabricated heavy water, a necessary ingredient for the manufacture of plutonium. The first option was to send 30 British soldiers, but the Gestapo ended up killing the whole group. And of course, that made the Germans stop that attempt to take the factory. Then the Nazis increased their defenses by laying mines and more soldiers. With that, the only way to get into the place was to go through a bridge (guarded by Nazis) that stood on a 220 meter fall, or was that what the Germans thought.
The 11 Norwegians scaled the fall and slipped into the factory, putting explosives inside. The result? - Success and medals for the soldiers who, in addition to detonating the factory, sank the boat that the Germans were using to transport the heavy water that they had already made.

Japan was creating a 'death ray'


You might have heard of Nikola Tesla, the father of the electricity who inspired Thomas Edison. He also inspired Japanese to try to create a 'death ray'. In 1934, Tesla claimed to have created something of the sort - a weapon that could wipe out entire armies. This has never been proven, but the Japanese government spent 1 million yen to try to build one. Under the codename "Project Power", they were able to build a lightning bolt capable of killing someone at a distance of almost a kilometer. And why was not this used on the battlefield? Because the target would need to stay perfectly still for 10 minutes to make the shot fatal. And the deal was a perfect hedge, with a 22-meter mirror. It is not known what has been done with the prototype to this day.

Hitler prevented Nazis from using biological weapons!!


In 1943, a Nazi scientist stated that the US should be attacked with 'several human and animal pathogens, in addition to pests'. And the guys really had ways to do it - they had understood how to use typhus and cholera, for example, as weapons. And the Nazis just did not take the plan forward because Hitler did not like the idea. At the beginning of the war, there was an order from him stating that biological weapons research should not be done. His scientists ignored the orders and, when they showed the results of the studies to the 'boss', he continued to dislike the idea. Among the various theories about Hitler's motives are bad experiments with biological weapons that he witnessed in World War I.

An American and a Japanese pilot teamed up to invade Hawaii


In 1941, the Japanese pilot Shigenori Nishikaichi was returning to Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But he had a technical problem with the aircraft and crashed into Niihau, the smallest of the main islands in Hawaii. There he was treated well by the Hawaiians who did not even know the US was at war with the Japanese.
That is where Yoshio Harada, an American from the Japanese family, came in to translate what Shigenori said. He only did a selective translation, leaving aside the part of 'bombing Pearl Harbor'.
Eventually, the Hawaiians learned of the attack and the weather became heavy. Then Harada stole some weapons and 'enlisted' in the Japanese army. He attacked the guard responsible for Shigenori and released the pilot. They then made several hostages and threatened to kill them unless the Hawaiians retrieved secret papers allegedly stolen from the Shigenori’s plane. In the middle of this trick, Hawaiian Ben Kanahene and his wife, Ella, attacked the pilot and cut his throat with a knife. After that, Harada killed himself.

The US thought of attacking Japan with bats!!


The Japanese army's attack on the Pearl Harbor military base in 1941 caused the United States to enter World War II with everything. So much so that several of them began to plot out of the box revenge plans against Japan.
This was the case with dentist Lytle S. Adams , who created the X-Ray Project, in which the United States would attack Japan with bats. The idea was to unleash bats in Japanese cities, which would be carrying time bombs.
He researched all he could about bats and even traveled to the Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico, where he captured some animals of the species Tadarida brasiliensis. For the dentist, the animals would be perfect for the war, because they could travel long distances and could carry the weight of explosives.
Adams believed so much in his own idea that in January 1942, a month after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he developed a proposal and sent it to the White House. In the letter, he claimed that his plan would terrify and demoralize the Japanese government. "Millions of bats inhabited our tunnels and caves a long time ago, they were put there by God for when this time came," he says. "As fanciful as this idea may seem, I'm convinced it will work."
The craziest of all? The dentist was a friend of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, so his plan actually arrived to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's table. The president asked Adams to speak with Colonel William J. Donovan, who is in charge of US military intelligence.
The plan went on ( !!!! ): The dentist set up a team of experts who helped him conduct more in-depth research on the kind of bats he would like to use. As complicated as it might seem, the scientists were able to actually develop a time bomb that was both light enough for the animals to carry and effective in their results.
An special larger bomb was created in a way that could hold up to a thousand bats and would function as follows: technicians would inject chlorine chloride into the small bomb cartridge and attach them to the bats. These would then be placed trays which, in turn, would be inserted into the large pump. It would be cooled to the point where the bats would think it was time to hibernate and sent to Japan in a plane, which would throw the bomb at one of the targets.
In the air, the bombs would drop the trays, which would remain attached to a parachute. The bats would wake up and, scared, would seek refuge in different parts of the city. The animals would chew the strings of their respective bombs, leaving them behind, infesting the city with explosives. When the copper chloride of each bomb dissolved the steel wire, the pin of the capsule would be released, causing an explosion.
Tests were carried out. However, funds earmarked for the X-Ray Project were canceled for use in a new experiment: the atomic bomb. This one was put into practice, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, giving birth to one of the most shameful chapters of the history of humanity.

*data: collected from the internet

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So, my friend, that was about it. I hope you've enjoyed reading my article. Please let me know what you think of it in the comment section. For more articles like this, along with poems, stories, blogs and photos, follow me here on steemit.

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