Trapping Dutch Minions via Asmara

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Yogyakarta Kraton Fortress. Source: KITLV

To defend the independence that was undermined by the Netherlands-NICA, the fighters took every means, including by recruiting village developers to be used as towers of prey. The role was played by Marsilah, a 16-year-old village flower who lived in Klitren Kidul, Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta.

Paras ayu Marsilah makes village youths, both pro-Dutch and pro-republicans, scramble to be his lover. Ikhsan, a pro-Dutch police officer, one of them. Ikhsan, according to Galuh Ambar Sasi in the surge in the Land of the Palace, was a notorious police inspector. He likes to torture and even kill captured fighters. He also likes to play with women, has many lovers, and does not hesitate to rape them. "Ikhsan besides being pro-Dutch is also not a good man. He often raped women, "Galuh told Historia.

When Ikhsan invited Mars to date, the girl obeyed him. But before the date goes, Marsilah is anxious and does not want to end up like Ikhsan's female victims, telling the date to the guerrillas named Kasbun. "Incidentally, the pro-republican Kasbun is also fascinated by Marsilah," Galuh continued.

Kasbun was forced to suppress his feelings of love by persuading Marsilah to agree to Ikhsan's invitation. He persuaded Marsilah to join the operation codenamed Mapag Penganten, an operation designed by Kasbun and his friends to trap Ikhsan. They have long been hot at Ikhsan's actions that killed their compatriots.

On March 15, 1949, operations were carried out. While dating, Marsilah directs the operating target to the trap. At first they walked around the Tjokrosoeharto Silver Shop, Jeron Beteng. Kasbun and his colleagues continue to follow their dates disguised as shop clerks.

Ikhsan who is being intoxicated with suspicion on Marsilah. When Marsilah managed to lead Ikhsan to Kampung Taman (Taman Sari area), he was immediately arrested by Kasbun and his friends. Kampung Taman is known as a base for fighters in the revolutionary period. Every pro-Dutch person who enters the Taman Sari area, is sure to return home only by name.

The same thing happened to Ikhsan. "He was dragged to the center of Taman Taman. "People have taken information about the Dutch, then killed him," Galuh said.

News of Ikhsan's death finally reached the pro-Dutch natives. The next day, Marsilah and his mother, also Kasbun was arrested for being the mastermind behind Ikhsan's murder. During his imprisonment, Marsilah suffered torture by being shocked and sexually abused.

Marsilah was released on March 19, 1949 when Bambang Sungkono, leader of the Kasbun group, surrendered. Since then, "Kembang Klitren" has regained its freedom. However, the story of him was buried in a great narrative of history.