Rebellion to Restore Banten Sultanate

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Banten people who rebelled against the Dutch colonial government in 1888. (KITLV).

REBESTING against the Dutch colonial government occurred several times in Banten. In 1810, Nuriman led a resistance against the colonial government in Pasir Peuteuy, Pandeglang. The trigger was due to the dissolution of the Banten Sultanate.

The colonial government also reinstated the Sultan of Banten to reduce the rebellion. However, the attempt failed, the rebellion continued to flare up. Furthermore, it is unknown how the rebellion led by Nuriman. However, in 1811, Mas Jakaria led a rebellion and was able to control almost the entire city of Pandeglang.

According to historian Sartono Kartodirdjo, indigenous social movements often expressed a desire to revive the state of colonialism by proclaiming the return of an ancient kingdom or establishing a dynasty.

"For a century and a half," Sartono wrote in Ratu Adil, "people in Banten have been periodically driven by hopes to restore the great empire established by their long-lost sultans."

Through a great battle, finally Mas Jakaria was caught and imprisoned in Batavia. In August 1827, he managed to escape and to regain strength. He managed to gather as many as one thousand followers and stormed back the town of Pandeglang and killed members of the army detachment.

"Then Mas Jakaria lived in a journey to avoid the pursuit of the Dutch government. By all means and violence the Dutch government tried to arrest Mas Jakaria; forcing the population to give information, burn villages, and terrorize, so that the people live in fear, "wrote M. Yoesoef Effendi in the Anti-Colonial Heroes' Record that Doesn't Go Out.

To arrest Mas Jakaria, the Dutch colonial government promised a gift of one thousand Spanish piasters to anyone who could catch him alive or dead. A few months after invading Pandeglang, Mas Jakaria could be arrested and sentenced to death by being beheaded and his body burned.

"In the historical tradition of Banten, Mas Jakaria, respected and sacred by the local people, is still a descendant of Kiayi Santri whose grave is in Kolle, and from the descendants of Mas Jakaria, there are leaders of rebellion that troubles the invaders," wrote Halwany Michrob and Mudjahid Chudari in a Note. Banten Past.

Mas Jakaria's children who continued their resistance to the Dutch colonial government were Mas Jabeng in 1836, while Mas Anom, Mas Serdang, and Mas Andong in 1845 in the Event Cikande Udik.