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RE: The story of Black Pete and St.Nicolas

in #history4 years ago

sad part is that in the end, when it all boils down, we all came out of africa. All human DNA starts there, prove it otherwise. That makes all of us black and african. Racists unfortunately are mostly uneducated, misinformed, afraid, or a combo. of those.
someday someday


Indeed someday, but i see that day wil come if you ask me.
Just today by coincidence i placed a comment in a facebook group regard this subject.
Then i said, the irony of the past is...
That from the ashes of history a new generation is standing up, and that generation do not belong to any country or religion or culture.
It stand for the freedom of all humans and connect it self with nature.
That group is growing, and i think it's a matter of time before that mentality or ideology over rule all others.
Thanks for the feedback!!

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