Books: Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari

in #history4 years ago

Harari is exploring the next steps in the evolution of human, which he calls homo deus. If this is the future, it looks scary...

Interesting thoughts:

  • Humanity has successfully overcome wars, famine and plague. The reappearance of either does not reflect our inability, but rather our inefficiency.
  • Consciousness as a mental pollution. According to the author, amongst all the theories aimed at explainimg consciousness, one of the most recognised nowadays describes consciousness as an unnecessary sidefect of mental processes - mental polution.
  • Techno humanism or posthumanism. Explores the idea that the future of humanity will revolve around improving human beings with technological capacities, such as memory chips etc.
  • Dataism defines human as a set of algorithms that could be more efficiently executed by unbiased machines, provided they have the all the information/data at their disposal. Hence ineffective human decision making will in the future be replaced by much more effective machines / algorithms.

Personal score: 9/10